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  1. Weeks of Life #33 & 34: September 11th to 24th- Night-Night…

    September 24, 2012 by brooke

    33 Weeks old

    34 Weeks old

    I’m going to do it again and I hope you don’t mind – combine 2 weeks together that is. That way I’ll be all caught up and can hopefully stay on top of things (I feel like I say that a lot!).

    Haley has been having quite the month of September! She had definitely gotten much better at crawling and in fact is pretty fast now and loves to pull up to her knees. She actually is trying to get up to her feet, but can’t quite get that second foot underneath herself yet – thank God! I’m not ready for the next stage yet! I wanted her to wait to crawl for as long as possible and I’m not ready for her to be cruising around any time soon! She’s so much fun though 🙂 She follows me from room to room and loves to get into mischief. One of her favorite things to do is go to Hogan’s water bowl and dump the water out of it and all over herself! She also loves to pester him and climb on top of him! He tolerates is for a while and then gets up and moves away – just to be followed by her and pester again! I have to separate them from time to time just so he gets some rest.

    On the 17th she started waving 🙂 But not at the appropriate times! She mostly does it while in her highchair. She sometimes does it a little bit while we are waving bye-bye to Daddy in the morning, but not consistently yet. We’re working on it. That same day she also started clapping! Also, not really on purpose I think, but she does do it when she’s happy. Around that same time she started talking a lot more. She’s doing ma-ma-ma, da-da-da, & ba-ba-ba to name a few – it’s pretty fun to hear her! Just all of a sudden she started going at it 🙂

    We’ve been using sign language with her since she was probably around 4 or 5 months and the book I have says that around 8 months babies will sometimes start giving you signs back. I swear on Monday during lunch she was doing the sign for ‘more’ when I got a little slow in giving her spoonfuls! I don’t know – but I guess I will in a few more weeks.

    Last week, probably around Monday the 17th, we started a different night time ritual. I really think it’s working well. She has been going to bed between 730 & 8 right after a bottle (falling asleep with the bottle actually), waking up once in the middle of the night, and then getting up for the day between 7 & 730. Well, I finally decided that the middle of the night feeding really should go now. So, I’ve been cutting back on how much I give her. So far she hasn’t put up a fight for more and still goes right back to sleep, but we’ll see how she does when I only have an once to give her! Anyway, her new routine goes like this: eat dinner at 530; play; have a bottle at 7; play; around 745 get night-night clothes & lotion on; read a book with Mommy & Daddy; go into bedroom – held by Mommy & have a little night-night song and then into bed. It’s working good so far and she doesn’t even get upset during the process like I thought she might – in anticipation of going to bed. I’ve also reworked her daytime schedule a little too in the last week and she has been drinking more during the day – which I’m hoping will help with the drinking less at night. It’s a work in progress 🙂

    I had a Girls dinner our with Auntie Dawn one night. That was really great! I hadn’t been out without Haley in a while. I worked last Saturday and Sean took Haley over to our friends house to watch the FSU game. They had a really nice time there. I went over to my work on day to visit and show off Haley 🙂 It had been a while since they girls there had seen her. While I was there I weighed her 🙂 See below… We met our friends at the mall twice in the past weeks – and I even let Haley play in the kids area one time! That was a big deal for my germaphobic self! Last weekend Sean went with a couple friends to Tallahassee for the FSU vs Clemson game and Haley and I stayed here. Sean was very willing to take Haley with him, but I refussed – I couldn’t go 2 nights without her! It was a little tempting to be here by myself and get some things done, but I just couldn’t do it! So, my mom came for the weekend to help me with Haley and watch her on Saturday while I was at work and to have a fun girls weekend. We had a really wonderful weekend together and Sean had a fun weekend in Tally.

    I think that about covers it for the last 2 weeks… nothing else I can think of – oh wait! Sean sold his Suburban & bought a new car – a 98 4Runner 🙂 It’s Garnet (Go FSU!) and we all really like it – especially Haley who likes the A/C! So, now I think that’s it. Probably not, but that’s all I can think of! More next week…


    # of pictures taken these weeks:  95

    # of videos taken this week:  7

    Haley’s weight at my work: 18 lbs 6.2 oz (!)