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Humm… I could go on and on about myself… but who couldn’t?!  I’ll try and limit myself to the interesting things (hopefully there’s at least a couple!).  I am a Floridian, born and raised.  Went to college first in NC (Elon) and then to The Florida State University (FSU), where I earned a bachelor’s degree (my 2nd) in Nursing.  I started my RN career at Shands Hospital at UF in Gainesville working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU for short).  It was there that I started learning so much from the tiniest patients you could imagine.  I then moved back to Tallahassee and worked in the NICU there for over 4 years – really awesome experience and really great co-workers.  I made some great friends there and learned a great deal while I was there.

I now live in south Florida and work as a RN for a pediatric medical day care center.  The work is not as challenging as before, however, it is still important and can be both interesting and exciting.  I’ve been married for just over 2 years now and we are starting the great adventure of parenting!  We love to travel and do so often.  We are extremely family oriented and are very close to both our families.  We have a giant German Shepherd who is about to get a rude awakening with the new baby!

And just in case I mention any of this in passing:  Sean graduated college beginning of May, there was a party for him, we packed my house, we sold my house a week before we got married, we got married a month after Sean graduated, we went on our honeymoon the following Monday for a week, came back and moved into a one room hotel room (with our giant dog) for 2.5 months, Sean started his new job (about 3 weeks after we got married), and then we bought and moved into our house at the end of August….  so talk about a big life change!  I’d say that summer was our biggest adventure yet- until now!

Our wedding day!

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