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May, 2011

  1. Five Weeks & 1 Day

    May 30, 2011 by brooke

    5 weeks + 1 day

    So, still pregnant 🙂   We haven’t told anyone yet… we’re both holding strong, but it is very hard!  We were at a party this past weekend and people were playing my favorite drinking game – Flip Cup!  I started to play (but with water) and was quickly called out!  I plainly said that I didn’t want to end up as sick as last time… however, some people I’m sure did not buyt it all the way.  Well, they will have t0 wait a little while longer to be confirmed in their thinking.

    The past few days have been a little worrisome for me.  I started some lower abdominal cramping and thought for sure something horrible was happening.   After doing lots of research, I found that cramping can be normal and so far everything else has been normal.  So- no more worrying about it… well, a lot less worrying about it 🙂   Otherwise, I haven’t been having any pregnancy symptoms.  I was a little extra tired a couple of days and felt a little queasy once, but other than that nothing.

    We celebrated our 2 anniversary this weekend.  It was so wonderful to have our little surprise to celebrate also.   We spent the weekend at my parent’s river house and went kayaking – so beautiful!

    Our little one is now the size of a sesame seed.