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  1. Week of Life #19: June 5th to June 11th – Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us!

    June 13, 2012 by brooke

    19 Weeks old

    This week was a big week for Haley. She started doing a lot of different things! When we’re driving in the car she leans forward and looks out the window now! It is super cute! She is really enjoying taking in everything around her. She started grabbing onto our shirts/collars when we’re holding her – again, so cute. She found her toes a week or two ago, but this week she found them while lying down, so now when we’re changing her, she grabs her toes & smiles big. She’s really watching Hogan a lot now – she stares at him and smiles and laughs! It is so funny 🙂 We put her in her highchair for the first time this week – just to have her do something different. She liked it 🙂 She is also really enjoying her exersaucer – bouncing around in it and spinning the toys. She’s really becoming a lot of fun to interact with (not that she wasn’t fun before, but now she actually interacts with us!). Other than all that, this week Haley was a little off – I think from the weekend trip and all the car sleeping. She was just not right, but nothing was specifically wrong.

    Wednesday we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We had our friend Dawn babysit and Sean and I went out to eat at the Columbia on Clearwater Beach. Haley was acting very shy when Dawn first came over – which was a first for her. Dawn would talk to her and then Haley would smile and bury her head into my shoulder. It was so sweet! And she’s never done that before. When we left Haley was just fine for her Auntie Dawn (at least that’s what Dawn told us!). They had a good night together and Sean and I had a great night out too. The restaurant was great and if it hadn’t been overcast and raining, the window view would have been really pretty 🙂 It was a great evening out and we didn’t even worry too much about our little one. For my anniversary/Mother’s Day gift, Sean gave me a very pretty ring with Haley’s birthstone (garnet). He did a great job and I love it!! He got a new lawn tool – he was very excited to be able to weed-wack and edge so quickly now 🙂

    Friday morning I threw my back out (again). So that really sucked. For those of you who don’t know – I was diagnosed with 2 slipped/herniated discs in my lower back in 2006. For the most part I’m not bothered by it, but a few times a year I do ‘something’ to bring on the pain. This time it was leaning over to get socks out of the bottom dresser drawer! Anyway, I did ice and heat the rest of the weekend and it’s feeling much better now. Friday early afternoon Sean’s brother and parents came into town on their way out of town… 🙂 We all went to lunch and then Haley and I took them to the airport to they could make their way to California for Sean’s cousin’s graduation from Stanford. They are going to have an awesome time!

    Saturday we ran some errands in the morning and then Sean worked on his car (his brakes have been giving him trouble).  Today we tried Haley and a cup!  She is currently staring at Sean whenever he drinks out of a cup, so we thought it was a great idea to try her with one!  She actually drank a little bit at first, but then started to dribble it all out.  We’ll try again soon 🙂  That evening we met my parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandmother in Spring Hill for dinner. It was a last minute trip, but it was really great to see them all. We’re so lucky that so many people love Haley so much! Once home Haley went straight to bed and we watched a movie.

    Sunday Sean did some yard work (it was finally not raining for once this week) and then we both had massages. We both really needed them!  In the afternoon we sat Haley in her highchair (deluxe feeding center!) and gave her the first taste of rice cereal. She did well with it! She spit most of it out, although I think she got a little bit down her gullet! And she let me put a couple of spoonful in there before she started fussing. I think for a first try it went really well!  Then we watched another movie in the afternoon.

    Today was a regular Monday. Housework and playing with Haley! I’m still trying to take it a little easy on my back, but it is feeling much better.  I did give Haley another couple spoonfuls of rice cereal- she did a little better with it today. She still spit most of it out, but I think she did get a little bit of it down. She was much more interested in it today than yesterday. Fun, fun! 

    In other news, my meal planning is going pretty well. It’s really nice to not have to think about what I’m making for dinner that night. And if for some reason I haven’t started dinner and I’m busy, Sean is able to start it without much thought to what to make. Along with starting this, I’m also going to try out making my own dishwashing soap, dish soap, & laundry detergent. So far I’ve made the dish soap and it was pretty easy. I’ll try and remember to put the ‘recipe’ on here if you want to try it. The reason I’m doing all that is to try and save money 🙂 I’ll let ya know how it all works.

    I’ve changed how I put the pictures up here on the blog.  I hope you like it and find it easier to use.  I think I like it so far!  FYI:  if you click on the first picture, you can then browse through the rest by clicking on the arrows.  To get out of the pictures and back to the blog, just click on the center of the picture.  Enjoy!


    # of pictures taken this week: 152

    # of videos taken this week: 17

    # of date nights this week: 1 🙂

    # of raining days this week: 6!! (thank God that was over today!)