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  1. April 2013: Month of Life #15 for Haley – March of Dimes walk!

    April 30, 2013 by brooke

    15 Months old

    15 Months old

    We had a great month! The first part was pretty low-keyed, but the second half of the month was super fun and busy!

    We got our taxes in a few days before the 15th, so we were happy with that – and even better we actually got a little money hack this year. I think that was thanks to Haley! We would have been happy just to not owe anything, so getting a little back was a great bonus.

    April 16th Sean’s parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! Congratulations to them 🙂

    I bought a year pass to the Lowry Park Zoo and we used it for the first time on the 18th. We took our friends Shawnna and Hayden with us and we all had a great time. Haley loves the little splash fountain in the front – it may be her favorite part! We’re looking forward to going back a lot this year. That weekend we went up to my parents Riverhouse to celebrate my mom’s birthday. The weather wasn’t great, but we still had a wonderful time. And we did get to take a boat ride on Sunday and see 3 manatee – so that was awesome!! And of course, we got to celebrate my mom 🙂

    The next week we went to the splash park in Dunedin – Haley had a super fun time and I got really wet! Haley’s favorite part was probably the slide 🙂 She loves running through the water too. Later that evening we went to Tallahassee for the March of Dimes walk. We go every year and this year was no exception. I like to go back and walk with my old NICU co-workers and families that I worked with in that unit. It’s so wonderful to watch these little miracles grow up. This year Sean’s mom joined us on our 3 mile walk so that was great. That evening we got to spend some time with Haley’s Great-Grandmother, Great-Uncle, cousin, and family friends. On Sunday we had brunch at Uptown Cafe (yum!) and got to see Opa and Uncle Nic real quick. We left in the afternoon and got home around 8:00. Haley was feeling great – she had some sinus stuff going on, as well as teething, but she did really good during the trip. She’s such a good traveler. And we all had a great time spending the weekend with family and friends.

    When I got up on Monday I could hardly walk and realized that sometime during our travels home I aggravated my herniated discs. I called my mom up real quick and she very sweetly agreed to come help me for as long as I needed it. I’m not sure what we would have done without her help. I needed it badly!

    On Tuesday the 30th, Haley turned 15 months old! She also got to see the pediatrician 🙂 She grew 1 inch the last 3 months and put on about 2 pounds. She’s right on track with everything else – and although she isn’t saying many words, she is signing around 15 words now. She did great with her 2 shots and even got a toy afterwards!

    Haley can say: Bye-Bye, Ma-Ma, & Da-Da (although Ma-Ma & Da-Da are used for other things as well)

    Haley’s Signs:

    All done








    (those are the old ones, now for the new ones:)



    thank you





    brush teeth

    brush hair

    (I think there’s a few more, but I can’t remember them right now! Plus we’re always working on more, so that’s confusing to me as well!)


    Haley’s weight: 21 lbs. 15 oz.

    Haley’s height: 32 in.

    # of pictures taken this month:  330

    # of videos taken this month:  17

    # of teeth Haley has now: 12