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  1. Week of Life #29: August 14th to August 20th – A Weekend of Grandparents!

    August 20, 2012 by brooke

    29 Weeks old

    Another slow week that led up to a fun weekend 🙂 I did forget to mention last week that we went to Sam’s with our neighbors – and it was wonderful! We’re hooked now. If we go only for formula, it will be soo worth it. Plus, it was a fun family double date with our favorite neighbors 🙂

    Thursday Gammy arrived. We had some shopping to do and then that evening we had a surprise birthday party for Auntie Dawn! Mom helped me a lot to get ready, which was great! We had a really great time and I’m so happy that Auntie Dawn and Matt are close by now – yay for great friends!

    Friday Gammy and Haley had a fun day while Daddy and Mommy were at work. After I got home, Gammy left and then later that night GG & Opa arrived! We had planned on going to the beach on Saturday, but our weeks long drought decided to change our plans… oh well. We ended up going to Publix and then making salsa and hot sauce. And there was lots of fun baby time too 🙂 That evening we played DDR (aka – Dance Dance Revolution) on the Wii. It was a ton of fun! We always forget to play, but whenever we do we have so much fun! Sunday we all went to the pet store, then to Sam’s (where Sean got a membership!), and then to the homebrewers store so Sean could get a kit. We then had some more baby/grandparent time 🙂 and then later that afternoon GG & Opa started their trip back. Haley was wiped out! She slept a lot and even after she woke up, she was really dazed! But she did great all weekend – just like always.

    Happy 1st Day of School to all who went back today! It was a big day for lots of kids 🙂 I know having the kids back at school will make things a lot easier at my job! So, that is a big plus.

    Haley is really getting ready to crawl. She wants to so bad! When she’s sitting upright, she leans so far over to the front that she sometimes gets up on her hands and knees… then she doesn’t know what to do! Then she eventually falls forward so that she’s on her tummy and then after a bit like that, she starts getting frustrated that she isn’t going anywhere. It’s pretty cute. She scoots backwards while on her tummy and she definitely turns around in circles on her tummy and while seated. She wants to get places so badly! And, something else she’s done a couple times: while sitting in bed she will grab the bumper (I know I shouldn’t have one on, but I do!) or the rail and pull herself up to her knees – oh boy! Does she get a kick out of herself when she does that! It really is something!! She’s still sleeping really good during the day and she does pretty well at night – I really can’t complain. She’s still in our room – I just can’t more her out yet! Not sure when I’ll be able to 🙂 She’s also been really jumpy recently and loves her doorway jumper and her exersaucer. We’re preparing to baby proof… it’s really stressing me out! There’s just so much for her to get into! We’ll figure it out though. Lastly, I’ve got to call the doctor tomorrow because she’s got a little rash and has had it about a week now and it’s starting to spread instead of getting better. I’ll keep ya posted on that 🙂

    That’s it for now!


    # of pictures taken this week: 113

    # of videos taken this week:  7

    # of adoring grandparents at our house this weekend: 3 (poor Grand-dad!)