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  1. Month of Life # 17 for Haley – June 2013 – Happy Father’s Day!

    June 30, 2013 by brooke


    17 Months old

    17 Months old

    The big news for this month is that we started swim lessons for Haley. I guess I should say Haley started swim lessons! I participated with her and it was a lot of fun. We couldn’t believe how fast she was able to actually swim! And she loves it!! They had them going under water the first day 🙂 And Haley was the only kid in class that never cried – the whole month. By the end of this session she was able to not only ‘fall’ in the pool and turn around, get the wall, and climb out – but she was able to do it while fully clothed! She can swim from the wall to us or from us to the wall. We’re working on floating. She is signed up for the next session and we’re looking forward to improving upon what she already knows and working on more complex things. So exciting!

    Our anniversary was nice 🙂 We had our big celebrating when Sean’s parents were here to watch Haley, but we did go out to eat that night and my loving husband got me a cookie cake and flowers 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already. Seems like longer and shorter at the same time.

    My parents got back from their month long excursion to the other side of the pond and they had a fabulous time. They got to see some awesome things and experience once in a lifetime experiences. I’m so happy for them!

    We went to Tallahassee for Sean’s 10 year high school reunion. We all had a good time. And I think Sean had a good time seeing some old friends 🙂 And I know GG and Opa had fun watching Haley for us while we were out and about. That weekend was also Father’s Day and we were able to see both grandfathers, so that was nice as well.

    And that’s about it for our month!

    Just a little note from me – I’m having so much fun with Haley 🙂 She is so sweet and loving and fun and easy-going… really pretty perfect. We have a great time together and I’m feeling so blessed to have her and to be able to spend so much time with her. I’m glad I was picked to be her Mommy 🙂


    # of pictures taken this month: 331

    # of videos taken this month: 60