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  1. Weeks of life # 2-3: February 6-20th

    February 20, 2012 by brooke

    41 weeks/1 week old

    3 weeks old


    I think I’ll just combine these weeks. That way I can start fresh and keep up with it better (hopefully!).

    I did want to thank all those that sent flowers.  It was really nice to see them lined up along the window when we came back each time from the NICU.  It was a great way to reminder how many people love us.  And it was a great way to brighten up the hospital room 🙂

    Sean stayed home on Monday and Tuesday after we got home from the hospital and that was wonderful.  It was great to have him home with us for a few days and not be in the hospital.  We really needed some family time 🙂  On Monday we made a quick trip to the camera store – Haley and I stayed in the car, but it was nice to get out of the house.  Sean got me a fancy flash for our camera, a new tripod, and a lens filter for my birthday (and yes, my birthday is not until March!).  We now have a small photo studio set up in our home dedicated for Haley pictures!  It’s fun and we’ve gotten some really great pictures of her.  Sean went back to work on Wednesday and has been coming home for lunch pretty much everyday.  We really enjoy seeing him at lunchtime – it helps break up the day a bit.  It’s a long day without him to help, but we’re getting it together.  The first couple of weeks we were still working hard on breastfeeding.  She just falls asleep pretty much as soon as we start – so that’s pretty counterproductive!  That weekend my mom came back for a night to help out and see our little girl.  That was nice to have some help and to spend some time with my mom and see her with her granddaughter.

    The third week of Haley’s life we celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Sean surprised us at lunch with publix subs and my favorite flowers.  Then we had a picnic out on the front lawn – it was a lovely day and wonderful lunch with my two favorite people and favorite dog 🙂  Later that week Haley and I went out for lunch with Sean and his work guys.  That was a big step for us and it worked great.  Haley slept the whole time and woke up about 30 seconds after we got home and wanted to eat. Just perfect!  It was so nice to get out of the house and go out to eat 🙂  And it was nice to know that we could do it and it wasn’t too hard either.  That weekend Sean’s mom was visiting a friend who lives near us, so she was able to come by a couple times to visit and snuggle with Haley.  Saturday night my parents and our close friends came over for dinner and their own snuggle time 🙂  My parents stayed the night and then left Sunday afternoon.  Lot’s of family time this weekend for Haley – very wonderful 🙂

    Exciting- Sean has Monday off! We’re so happy 🙂 We have two appointments that day and now he can go to both. Yay! More next week…


    Haley’s wt.: Somewhere around 8lbs.

    # of pictures taken: 796 (!)

    # of pictures taken on my phone: 66

    # of pictures taken on Sean’s phone: 81

    # of diapers changed: a LOT!

    Me and Dad

    I love my swing!

    So pretty

    My first walk

    the 'fetal' position

    Cute little feet

    little ear

    early model


    Me and my best friend

    Dad's first bath

    Modeling again

    Me and Mommy

    Our little family

    Me and Daddy