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  1. Week of Life #41: November 6th to November 12th

    November 14, 2012 by brooke

    41 Weeks old

    So – Haley didn’t win the Gerber baby contest… not sure why, she is the cutest baby ever! Anyway, thanks to all who voted. I suppose there’s always next year. After getting those disappointing results, we weren’t all that surprised to be disappointed again that night in the real election. Oh well – life will go on (hopefully without too much interruption). On to other, more interesting news…

    Election Day!

    The pest control people came to our house on Tuesday. I set up the appointment because we have been noticing small piles of wood shavings in our kitchen cabinets and then more recently on the floor beside the cabinets. After that wonderful visit I learned that we have termites. Yes, that’s right, termites. And not the kind that we have traps for outside around the house (called subterranean termites and would be covered in our contract with the pest company), no we have the other kind. So we can either tent the house and move out for 3 days or we can ‘spot’ treat it and hope for the best. We are going to spot treat and hope for the best! Great timing with Christmas coming up!

    Tuesday Haley turned 40 weeks and 1 day. She was born at 40 weeks and 1 day gestation. So she had been out for the exact amount of time that she had been in 🙂 Such a monumental day. I just can’t believe it. She’s getting to grown up. I love her so much & I’m so lucky and thankful that I was picked to be her mommy. Not sure what I did to deserve that, but I’m glad I did it 🙂 I’m so enjoying spending all this time with her – I’m so grateful that we are able to have me stay home with her. It’s just the best. Thank you to my wonderful, awesome, supportive, caring, loving, sweet, handsome, brilliant baby-daddy.

    Wednesday I was headed to Publix when I got the terrible news that one of my co-workers and friends had passed away the day before. She had been sick on and off (having Colon cancer about 1.5 years ago and beating it), then with pneumonia on and off, and most recently about 2 months ago having been diagnosed with cancer again – this time in her lungs. She had told us all that it was not the ‘bad kind’ and her chances of beating it were good. I never doubted that she would. She was an incredibly strong lady – one of the strongest I’ve ever known probably. She never took any crap from anybody, but she also had the biggest heart. To be honest, when I first started working with her I didn’t think she liked me & I wasn’t so sure I liked her. But as the weeks passed, I realized what a wonderful nurse and woman she was. It wasn’t long before I considered her a friend. It’s so strange to think about her not being here any more. She was just the kind of person who took what life gave her and made the very best out of it – and it doesn’t seem right that she’s no longer around. She loved reading this blog and would apologize every time she got a little behind in reading – like I would be upset or something! She was so happy for me and Sean and Haley. This has hit me pretty hard; I guess because we weren’t expecting it – at least this soon. She passed away, not from the cancer, but from pneumonia. It’s just so hard for me to comprehend that she’s gone. I went to her funeral on Saturday and was able to sit with our other coworkers and friends. That was nice. Her family and friends had all wonderful things to say about her (I wouldn’t expect anything less) and I felt like one of us should have said something, but I certainly couldn’t have without breaking down. Anyway, a good friend has left this earth and I pray that she is whopping it up in heaven surrounded by those who left before her and she’s enjoying watching her football and baseball in the best seats possible.

    Sunday we ran errands as a family 🙂 It was nice to have some family time together. I love those moments when it’s just me and Sean and Haley. It’s everything I’ve always wanted and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I love extended family time too, but I do cherish those times with my little family. We watched a pretty bad movie that night – I can’t even remember what it was, except that it had Adam Sandler in it.

    Today, we got to see Haley’s Opa. He had traveled down south to celebrate Great-Opa’s birthday and was on his way back up to Tallahassee. We were able to have lunch with him and Sean – what a nice surprise. And tonight we got to have dinner with Haley’s Great Aunts Rita & Dee!  It was lots of fun and great to catch up – we all decided that we needed to get together more often.

    Not much new to report on the little one. She’s getting some hair 🙂 She is still wanting to walk and she’s super fast crawling. She loves to play with my running shoes. The time change went well – no real problems still. I think her top teeth are trying to come in – she’s chewing relentlessly and fussy at times for no other apparent reason. Sean says that her first word was DaDa – said Sunday night while reading a good night book. It has his picture in it and she pointed at it and said ‘DaDa’. I might just give it to him 🙂 She says MaMa a lot but she says it while looking at me and while looking at the dog… so, not real sure about that one!

    # of pictures taken this week:  36

    # of videos taken this week:  6