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  1. March 2013 – Month of Life # 14 for Haley: Happy Birthday to me :)

    March 31, 2013 by brooke

    14 Months old

    14 Months old

    Happy Birthday to me 🙂 We had another great month. The weekend after my birthday we went to my parent’s riverhouse to celebrate with them and spend some time ‘away’. It was a great weekend! The weather was fantastic and we got to go on 2 boat rides 🙂 Haley really enjoyed herself on the boat this time around. Her life-jacket fit her much better and she was even able to walk around a bit. She found a little seat perfect for her too 🙂 My best and most favorite present was Haley running up to me on my birthday and giving me a hug around the legs!! It was the first time she did that 🙂 She also started giving kisses this week too… so sweet and just in time for Mommy’s birthday.

    Haley went to her first ‘inflatable’ birthday party this month. Our neighbor had her 6th birthday at an indoor jump house. I didn’t get to go because I was working, but Sean & Haley went and Haley had a great time. She was very observant at first, but after watching for a while she got into it and was playing and jumping around. She really liked the big slide (she went down with Daddy).

    We also had Haley’s 1 year pictures taken again 🙂 (Even though she was more like 13.5 months) This time we went to JC Penny’s and we are very happy. I think we’ll be going back there again.

    Sean & I went back to the financial planner a couple more times this month and we are really starting to get things together. We’ve got a few more items to check off the list, but it’s going really well and I’m really happy that we started down this path. And, I think we’ll be even happier later on down the road.

    Haley and I went to our first ‘music class’ (Music with Mar) this month. We went with our friends, Shawnna & Hayden. It was a lot of fun! Haley did a lot of observing, but I think she’s really going to enjoy it the next time. We’re planning on going back often 🙂

    I got a night out with some friends towards the end of the month to celebrate my friend Dawn’s ‘not-so-bachelorette party’. She got married in December if you remember, but it was so quick that we didn’t have time to have a proper celebration! So we had a fun night out in March instead 🙂 Yay for Dawn and married life!

    Sean parents came to visit for a weekend and to celebrate Opa’s birthday. We had a fun weekend with them. We even got some plants to start our small garden. We got some strawberries for my hanging basket and 2 tomato plants for our earth box. We also got some basil and mint 🙂 I’m excited!

    The last weekend of the month my parents came down to celebrate Easter with us. We had a great weekend with them too! We tried a new church and we really liked it. It’s in Tarpon Springs but still pretty close to our house. I think we’ll be going back there again.

    This month Haley started to turn around in circles for fun, give hugs and kisses, and got her molars in! We’re still waiting on her 4th front bottom tooth!

    I think that’s it for the March recap! Stay tuned for April…


    # of pictures taken this month:  510 (wow!)

    # of videos taken this month:  58 (again, wow!!)








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