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  1. January 2014: Haley is 2 Years Old! Baby is 25 – 28 weeks old. Happy Birthday Sean & Haley!

    January 31, 2014 by brooke

    24 Months Old!

    24 Months Old!

    26 Weeks Pregnant

    26 Weeks Pregnant


    We had a lot to celebrate in January! Baby #2 got to be 24 weeks old (big sigh of relief for this mama), Sean turned 29, and Haley turned 2!! Oh, and my cousin had her baby boy on January 14th! We pretty much celebrated the 2 birthdays all month long 🙂 That’s the way it should be!

    We started off the celebrations with going to the circus. We weren’t real sure if Haley would love it or be scared (or maybe a little of both), but it turned out we made the right decision and she LOVED it! I can’t wait to take her again next year 🙂

    We went to Tally in the middle of the month to celebrate both Sean and Haley’s birthdays with our ‘northern’ peeps. We always have fun in Tally 🙂

    On Haley’s actual birthday we wanted to go to the zoo again this year – however, it was raining :/ So, we went to the bounce house place instead and it was a huge hit! She loves it there and was even more excited because Daddy got to come with us! Then we all went to Tijuana Flats for lunch (one of Haley’s favorite places – she loves cheese quesadilla!) and then we dropped Daddy off at work and spent the rest of the day resting and watching a movie 🙂 Haley’s other present from Mommy & Daddy (other than the circus) was a doll house – and she really likes that too.

    I had my glucose screening done and I do not have gestational diabetes – so that’s good 🙂 And my mom, Haley, and I had some pictures taken at JCP just like the ones that my mom, my grandmother, and I had taken when I was little 🙂 It was a fun month!


    Baby is the size of a cauliflower (25 weeks), lettuce (26 weeks), rutabaga (27 weeks), and an eggplant (28 weeks).

    Baby is about 14 inches and 2 pounds by the end of January!