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  1. Week of Life #52+: January 22nd to January 30th – Happy 1st Birthday, Haley!!!

    January 30, 2013 by brooke

    52 Weeks old

    52 Weeks old

    12 Months old

    12 Months old

    1 YEAR!!

    1 YEAR!!



    HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, HALEY LAUREL!!! And happy ‘birth’ day to me! Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe it’s been one year. Just a year and a day ago our little Haley-girl had not entered this world yet… and now she’s walking, gabbering, giving kisses, snuggling, capturing our hearts all over again all the time! It’s so crazy for me to think about. All this month I’ve been thinking, this time last year I was ____. And today, on Haley’s birthday, I keep thinking this was the day our lives changed forever. This is the day that made us Mommy & Daddy. What an awesome day! The Best!

    So I’m going to get the regular weekly stuff out of the way and then concentrate on our birthday girl! On Saturday we had two couple friends over for a fun game night. We played a few rounds of Sequence and then the card game, Hand & Foot. I think everyone had fun (Sean & I definitely did) and I can’t wait to do it again. It’s so nice to spend time with our friends – we need to do it more often!

    Sunday we had a photo shoot for Haley’s first birthday. We went to Honeymoon Island (the beach) and got a few great shots I think. We have to wait 3 weeks to see the pictures – I’m excited! We have been trying to find a good photographer here in the Tampa Bay area (one that we like as much as our wonderful Tallahassee photographers, Long’s Photography), but we’re having trouble. This was our first attempt and we’re not sure about this lady. I think there will be some good photos, but we probably won’t use her again. If anyone had a suggestion, we would love to hear it!

    On Tuesday I made Haley a birthday cake 🙂 I was really excited to see what she would do with it. Until now she really hasn’t had any sweets – a bite of cookie a couple of times, but that’s really it.

    Ok- Wednesday! Haley’s 1st Birthday!!! We took this day to go to the Lowery Park Zoo for the first time. Sean took the day off of work so that he could celebrate with us. It was a super day! Haley really enjoyed the animals, as did Sean & I 🙂 We got to see a baby elephant and a baby hippopotamus – so cool! Towards the end of the day, Haley got to play in the splash fountains – and she LOVED it! She had a ball – probably her favorite part of the day! By the end of her play time, she was sticking her whole face in the fountains and trying to drink the water! Such a silly girl. We couldn’t believe it. She does really well in the bath with water in her face, but this was amazing! At least to us 🙂 Anyway, that evening we skyped with Gammy & Grandad and GG & Opa and everyone got to sing Haley ‘Happy Birthday!’ Then she got to have her cake (and eat it too). At first she didn’t want to touch it , but eventually she got right in there and even picked it up and tried to shove the whole thing in her mouth! She liked it 🙂 What a wonderful day spent celebrating our wonderful little girl.

    Something funny that happened this past week – Haley found her belly button! She now loved to lift up her shirt and make sure it’s still there! And she’s amazed with other people’s (me & Sean’s) belly buttons too 🙂 We have to watch her though because sometimes she likes to poke it so much that it has started getting red and irritated! Silly girl!


    # of pictures taken this week:  436

    # of pictures taken this past year:  6,764 (not including our phones or pictures taken by others!!)

    # of videos taken this week:  4

    # of videos taken this past year:  329

    # of 1 year olds in our home: 1!!