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  1. Month of Life #19 for Haley: August 2013

    August 31, 2013 by brooke

    19 Months old

    19 Months old

    We continued Haley’s swim classes this month. This was the 3rd and final session for her. She did outstanding! By the end of the month, she was able to swim out into the pool, turn over onto her back by herself when she got tired, float and catch her breath, and then turn back over by herself and continue swimming! She started working on diving for rings – which she enjoys. And she loves being tossed into the pool and then swimming back to ‘get the wall’! We are so pleased with the results of these swim classes and can’t express how good it makes us feel that Haley is so competent around water. Of course, we know this does not replace constant supervision, but we know that she will not panic if she were to fall in and we’re pretty confident that she could keep herself alive until we got there to help her.

    I had a major happening this month! I took a 2 night trip to visit a friend and left Haley with Sean. It was my first time leaving overnight without her 🙁 It was really hard, but it was also important for me to see my friend and celebrate the upcoming birth of her first baby 🙂 Haley and Daddy did great – of course! I wasn’t a bit worried about them – it was me I was worried about! But I think I did good too. We got to Skype a couple of times and that made it better. Also, GG was in town to help distract Haley and that was nice for all of them. They had a busy weekend and so did I. It was really fun to see 2 of my best college friends (from Elon) and spend time with my friend’s family too.

    Haley had her 18 month appointment at the pediatrician and it went just fine. She’s tall and lean and above average in every way 🙂 At least that’s the way I remember the Dr. saying it… We’ll go back in a month or two in order to get Haley’s flu shot.

    I started a 2 week training program with a friend of mine who is a personal trainer. It went really well and I lost about 3% body fat and I was getting strong. Then I stopped… we’re looking into joining the YMCA 🙂

    We took a trip to Tallahassee for Uncle Nic’s birthday and that was fun, as always. We found a neat place to ride our bikes in New Port Richey and we did that one Saturday. We went to the beach with our friends Shawnna and Hayden. We spent time at the library 🙂 And our neighbors had their sweet little baby girl on August 19th. Haley got a playdate that day with their older girl while they were at the hospital getting their baby on 🙂 It was a great month!!


    Haley’s weight at 18 months: 23.3 pounds (33%)

    Haley’s length at 18 months: 33.5 inches (93%)

    # of pictures taken this month:  300

    # of videos taken this month:  38

    # of little fishys we have in the house: 1!!