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  1. May 2014

    May 31, 2014 by brooke

    Family of Four

    Family of Four

    We had a lot of visitors this month! I just can’t imagine why 😉 Gammy came and stayed with us for about a week after Sean went back to work. She took Haley to music class and helped me out with Haley a lot – and took Lily in the afternoons so that I could get some naps in. Then the next weekend GG & Opa came for a few days. They also took Haley to music class and occupied her so I could take care of and get to know Lily better. Then GG, Opa, and Uncle Nic came for Memorial Day weekend. That was fun, but low keyed because Sean & Haley were fighting a cold at the time. Then the last weekend of the month, Gammy & Granddad came back and among other activities, my mom and I hosted a baby shower for my good friend Dawn at Mofat’s Tea Room in Dunedin. That fun, but thank goodness we planned most of it before Lily was born! We had some last minute things to do the night before, but we were well prepared and it was a lot of fun to celebrate with Dawn.

    We also had 2 Dr appts for Lily to check up on her – and everything was great both times. She’s a champ at eating and is mostly a very happy baby. The first few weeks she had a hard time falling asleep for the night and that was rough. She would cluster feed in the evening from about 6 or 7 till 12 or 1 or sometimes even 2 am. Again, let me say, that was rough. But around 2.5 weeks in, she started going about 6 hours between that last feed and her next, so that was a nice break. She would still be up till 12 am or so, but then I got a few hours of continuous sleep aftewards, so that was great. After about a month, I would say she was going to bed around 11pm and that was much more manageable for me. The hardest thing was not getting a nap in the afternoon when I was by myself with the girls. But, we do what we have to do! And, it was definitely worth it.

    On May 5th, Haley had her first swim class of this year. This year she was in classes by herself (without Sean or me in the pool with her). She had 2 other little girls in the class with her and she only cried a little bit – and frankly, I think it was because one of the other little girls was very upset. Haley started off the class trying to console her but by the end all 3 of them were crying! I just think it was upsetting to Haley – she wasn’t scared or anything like that – she loves to swim!! And she was really great at listening to her teacher – we were so proud of her.

    We celebrated Mother’s Day by going to the playground and then out to lunch 🙂 It was a nice day with my 2 girls and my hubby.

    Pretty much the only other thing we did in May was get newborn pictures taken of Lily. They turned out really great and I’m so glad that we decided to do it this time.

    Thanks to all the grandparents for helping out this month! It definitely made the transition from 1 to 2 much easier. We could have done it without your help, but I’m so glad and thankful that we didn’t have to!