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  1. 32 Weeks

    December 4, 2011 by brooke


    32 weeks

    Ok, this week should be a lot easier to write about- I was super sick all week!!  Didn’t really do much until the weekend.  I did forget to say that I got my hair chopped last week (probably a good 5 inches or so).  It’s a little short for now, but in a month or so I think it will be perfect 🙂  Ooohh!  And the baby had the hiccups last Wednesday for the first time (well, for the first time that I felt them!).  So that was pretty fun.  Alright, on to week 32!

    Well, as I already said, I was pretty darn sick this past week.  I wasn’t able to do much (until Friday) that didn’t consist of me sitting in the dark or taking a shower in the dark (I get very light sensitive when I’m sick).  So, most of this week was spent in the dark!  And poor Sean… he was in the dark too – at least when he was at home taking care of me.  Which he did a great job of and always does.  Friday evening I was finally able to finish the work on the den and it was just in time too. My mom came down on Thursday and she spent Thursday and Friday cleaning our house (while I sat in the dark) and thank goodness for that!  Not only was the place nice and clean for the shower on Saturday, but now it’s clean for the holiday season too.  Sean and my friend also did a lot of cleaning and again, thank goodness for them!  I have some really wonderful people in my life 🙂

    Saturday was a baby shower at our house for family and close friends.  There were 18 women here!  I still wasn’t feeling great, but everyone understood and it was still a lot of fun.  My wonderful friend (who recently moved to the area) and my mom put on a great shower!!  I had fun and I think everyone did.  There were many aunts and faux-aunts here, two grandmas, two great-grandmas… it was wonderful to have all these important women in my life here together 🙂  Really a very special day.  I’m so glad that I didn’t have to cancel due to my sickness.  There were a few who were unable to come, but they were here in spirit.  And we got some really needed and awesome gifts for our bundle of joy.  Saturday night my parents, Sean’s parents, me, Sean, my friend, and her boyfriend went out to dinner to celebrate a great day.  It was exhausting, but wonderful!

    Sunday Sean’s parents came over and helped Sean put together the baby’s dresser.  Now the room is really looking good!  I have a place to put all our wonderful gifts 🙂  We went to lunch with Sean’s grandparents, his aunts, and his parents which was very nice.  We always enjoy family time!  I took a rest in the afternoon and then in the evening we went to the causeway with a couple friends and they took some maternity pictures for us.  Wow!  They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🙂  Great job ladies!!  I will put two of our favorites at the end of this post.

    So, needless to say, this weekend was not that relaxing and did nothing to improve my health 🙂 but it was fun!  I’m going to try and take it easy this week – which is no small task when working 10 hour shifts at a daycare.

    Baby stuff for this past week… ‘he’ had the hiccups again on Wednesday (Wednesday must be hiccup day!).  Still moving around and kicking.  No more pregnancy symptoms cropping up yet- yay!  Just really tired.  And now my ‘big’ scrub pants that I bought for the pregnancy are getting too tight!  It’s funny because I was just telling someone I still don’t perceive myself as bigger – I’m still trying to fit through tight spots that just can’t handle my big belly!  I am worried that this baby is being stubborn and hasn’t flipped upside down yet – I have yet to get a rib kick!  Something that I will be talking to the Dr. about at our appointment on Wednesday.

    Well, that’s it for now I think. More next time…

    Our little one is now the size of a large jicama (what is that?!) or a squash (weighing about 3.75 pounds and around 16.5 in. long)!!

    32 weeks side view


    putting the dresser together


    Everybody at the shower


    Brookie's family (minus my dad!)


    Sean's Family


    Pregnant Brookie


    Mom & Dad & Baby