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  1. March 2014: Baby is 32 to 36 weeks old! Happy Birthday to me :)

    March 31, 2014 by brooke

    36 weeks

    36 weeks


    Sweet big sister kiss

    I had to get my license renewed at the beginning of this month! 32 weeks pregnant and I had to get my picture taken for my license – talk about bad timing. At least it’s a pretty good picture 🙂

    On the 6th me, Sean, Haley, and Gammy went out to Red Robin for a family celebration for my birthday 🙂 On the 7th, Gammy watched Haley and Sean and I went to Melting Pot for another celebration! And then Granddad came and we celebrated again on Saturday and Sunday! Pretty good start to my birthday month 🙂

    On the 8th, Haley climbed out of her crib for the first time! She did it a couple of times over the course of that week and then we had a talk about it and she didn’t do it again. Thank goodness because I wasn’t ready to move her to a big bed yet – not with the baby coming so soon. I know it’s coming, but if she could hold out just a while longer.

    GG & Opa came the following weekend and it was a good visit. GG & Aunt Rita had a baby shower for me on Sunday and the baby got some much needed items. What was really wonderful was my oldest friend from Ft. Myers surprised me by coming to the shower – it was so great to see her (and everyone!)! We’ve been friends for 19 years (that sure sounds like a really long time! I can’t be that old!). Anyway, the shower was really nice and we all had fun. On Saturday while I was at work, everyone helped paint the baby’s room! Yay! That was truly great and took a load of my mind.

    Other fun things that happened this month: a girl’s nite! It had been a really long time for me! And, the contractor got started on our new porch behind the house! Yay for March!