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  1. Week of Life #22: June 26th to July 2nd – Hey Batter, batter…

    July 2, 2012 by brooke

    22 Weeks old - word to yo mutha

    This week was a little slow. We didn’t really have anything going on during the week. Haley and I went for our morning walks around the neighborhood. I’ve been ‘wearing’ her in the morning before it gets too hot. I like to do that 1) so that she isn’t sitting with her head flat on the car seat, and 2) I like cuddling with her! In the afternoons, we have started using our new stroller for more fast paced walking – and it is wonderful. There are shocks, so it’s not so bumpy for Haley, and the wheels are bigger and more rugged for our ‘off roading’! I haven’t used the music yet, but I’m getting ready to.

    Friday morning we went down to Highland Aquatic Center and it was fun 🙂 It was very far and we got there with only 15 minutes left, but it looked like all the kids were having a great time! Haley didn’t really enjoy the water – it was too cold, but I can see her loving it next year. I think we’re going to try to go to the splash park that is close to us on Monday – we’ll see how they compare!

    Saturday I had to work, so Sean got to spend the day with Haley. They had a great time and actually got a lot done too! That evening Sean and I had massages – we’re really trying hard to get rid of those memberships and we’ve almost completed that task! Hopefully this coming month we can ditch that expense – although, I will miss getting those massages!

    Sunday we went to Tropicanna Field and to a Rays game! A huge group of us went in honor of a young man who died recently and loved the Rays – it was a really good cause and great to see a lot of my friends from work. Haley had fun too! She got a pin to wear that said, “My first Rays game!” and she had the perfect outfit for the day – which, we all know, is very important! She played and ate and slept and played some more – all without getting too fussy or even crying. I was so proud of her! And it was so nice to get us all out of the house together and go to an event.

    This morning we did go to the Kiwanis Splashground in Dunedin. It was much closer to us, but a bit smaller and more for older kids. Our friends Hayden and Shawnna came too – Hayden really liked the water. We sat in a small puddle with the kiddos and let them play with a little spray of water that was coming out of the ground. Haley didn’t like it at first, but at the end she was getting into and putting her hands in the spray 🙂 I think by the end of the summer, she’ll like it much better and by next year she will be in love! We’ll probably go visit the other splash park once or twice a month too – it was more parent interactive and I liked that about it. On a side note – I didn’t get any pictures at the splashground – boo! Next time…

    Haley is loving her rice cereal! When she sees us mixing it up and starts smiling and laughing 🙂 It’s pretty cute (like pretty much everything else she does!). She just can’t get enough of that rice cereal – she would probably just eat that if we let her! We’ve started making it a little thicker and she’s doing really good with that too – actually better than when it was liquidy (a lot of it would just come right back out with the drool – sorry if that’s TMI!). She’s doing really great sitting up by herself – I wouldn’t leave her alone on a tile floor or anything, but she can sit up and play with her toys for quite a while now without falling down. She even corrects herself if she starts to go to one side or the other too far. She’s also doing much better in her car seat. She just recently started playing with her hanging toys while in it and that makes her so happy – so buckling her in isn’t too much of a struggle anymore. She rolls to the left and right now, but still hasn’t turned all the way over. I bought a book the other day to try and help us get her to sleep longer during the day – we’ll see if that helps at all!

    Well, that’s all I can think of right now… more next week 🙂


    # of pictures taken this week: 105

    # of pictures taken on my phone this week: 17

    # of videos taken this week: 2