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  1. Eighteen Weeks

    August 29, 2011 by brooke

    18 weeks

    Almost half way there… whoa!  Doesn’t feel like 18 weeks already – I have a feeling 40 weeks will be here before we know it.  Not too much happened this week.

    Pregnancy wise, I’ve felt the baby moving a couple more times, but nothing crazy yet 🙂  I actually felt the baby move from the outside one night and then tried to get Sean to feel, but of course our little stinker stopped moving.  But I know we’ll be feeling him/her a lot in just a little while longer.   I bought a baby name book this week.  This is going to be a lot harder than either of us thought.   At least we have a while to think about it.   I’m definitely getting bigger- no question about that!  We’ve listened to the heart beat a few times this week and it is still pretty consistently around 150.

    We started our registering adventure today.  Oh, boy… that is going to be a task!  Even I was getting a little overwhelmed while we were there.  There were a couple of times when we looked at each other and said, this would be a lot easier if we found out what we’re having.  We both agree that this is true, but we also agree that we don’t want to find out until the Big Day.  We decided to take the registering slow – we do have plenty of time!  So, we worked on that for about 2 hours (Sean’s limit!) and then got massages!  That worked out so well, that we are going to do it again in 2 weeks 🙂  It does feel good that we’ve started picking things out and can start a plan for the baby’s room.  We might start cleaning out said room next weekend, but then again, we might decide to wait on that for a little while (not something I’m looking forward to at all!).

    On other fronts, it was my friend’s birthday this week.  We had a nice girl’s day on Thursday – went to lunch and then had pedicures.  And then on Saturday (after work for me), she came over with her boyfriend and we had a pizza and movie night.   It was a nice way to end the week… for me at least! I think she had a nice time too.

    I added some pictures at the end of this post showing our loofah vine.  Yes, loofahs are grown on land (sponges are found in the water).  I didn’t know that until I started growing it myself!  Anyway, our vine had gotten so big, so fast and we have about 9 loofahs that are pretty big and a few more that are trying to get started!  Anyone wanting to try loofah growing on their own let me know, we’re sure to have LOTS of seeds to hand out.


    Movies we watched this week:

    ‘Thor’ – fun movie, but I can’t say it was a five star event

    ‘Blitz’ – action movie; we liked this one; ending was great 🙂


    Quote of the week: Said by Sean when I said we could put a leather coach in the den…

    “No, we can’t do that… that’s the room that will be filled with plastic.” (meaning baby toys!)


    Our little one is now the size of a bell pepper (~ 5.5 inches & 7 oz)


    Loofah vine

    Big Loofah

    Loofah Flower