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  1. Twenty-three weeks

    October 2, 2011 by brooke

    23 weeks

    On to week 23!  Boy, time is flying!!  We got back from our cruise yesterday (but I’ll write a different post on that tomorrow after I scan and upload some pictures!).  I will say the cruise was really fun and very relaxing – something Sean & I both needed.  And now we’ve got to get cracking on some of this baby stuff.  We started working on the baby’s room today… well, not exactly.  We will be getting rid of our guest room and hopefully moving the guest bed into the computer room.  So, we have to reorganize our computer room to hold all the displaced things from the guest room (luggage, my wedding dress!, wrapping paper, etc.).  But then we started thinking, we need to move some stuff from the computer room into the den/playroom (my computer & desk, filing cabinet, etc.).  So, first we need to go through our den and get rid of things and reorganize some other things!  So- that’s what we started to do today!  I’m hoping it will not be a long process, but there is a lot of stuff in there that just never got put away when we moved in (2 years ago).  And other stuff going on, like pre-wedding album projects and other scrap booking projects secured away in big tupperware boxes!  Sean keeps reassuring me it will all get done.  I hope he’s right!

    Two other exciting baby news things happened today.  I was sitting down reading and felt the baby moving all around so I decided to look down and see if I could actually see my belly moving instead of just feeling it (haven’t been able to thus far).  And there it went – like someone was poking me from the inside!  Really cool but also a little weird to see!  Sean hasn’t seen it yet- we’ll see what he thinks 🙂  I also got asked by someone who didn’t know we were pregnant if I had ‘a baby in there’ as she pointed to my stomach!  That was the first time someone who didn’t know asked me if I was pregnant- big deal!  Guess I’m not just looking pudgy anymore 🙂  Yay!  Oh- and for all those wondering I did gain back my 3 pounds on the cruise and probably about 3 more!  I’ll wait a couple days to get my ‘official’ weight for this week – need to get back on a regular eating schedule (not every hour or 2 like on the cruise!).

    Our little one is now weighing about the same as a large mango (around 1 pound) and is about 11 inches in length!

    23 weeks side view

    One cruise shot just because I can’t wait to post some more 🙂