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Week of Life #50: January 8th to January 14th – Happy Birthday, Sean!

January 14, 2013 by brooke

50 Weeks old

50 Weeks old

This week we got to celebrate Sean’s birthday! My mom was in town on Thursday (because I was working on Friday) and so Sean & I went to a movie 🙂 It was the first movie we’ve been to since his birthday last year when we saw the new Sherlock Holmes. We saw The Hobbit in 3D. It was my first 3D movie – pretty neat, but not something that I would pay for all the time. We had a great time and it was fun to have some adult time out on the town together. Thanks mom!

Friday we both worked and then that night we all drove up to Spring Hill to meet my dad for dinner. Dawn & her husband (!) came too and it was a lot of fun. Haley got to show off her mad walking skills and had fun waving and pointing at all the folks.

Saturday we went into Tampa to go to the brew store for Sean. After we had lunch out and then went to a park so Haley could burn off some energy before getting back into the car for another 45 min. Haley made some new friends at the park and we all had fun. She was definitely in the minority, but she didn’t care and had so much fun with her new friends 🙂 That evening, Sean had some friends over for a snack and movie night.

Sunday – Sean’s Birthday!! We both had massages and then just relaxed the rest of the day. We were still pretty tired from the sick baby, so taking it easy was nice. We did go to our neighbors house for a little while in the evening which was fun. Haley got to play with some other kids; although, they started telling her she had to leave the room because she was a baby 🙁 She didn’t know she was being picked on – but it was still a little sad. No, it was really ok – I understand, at this stage Haley just wants to take whatever toy someone else is playing with and that’s no fun for the other kids. Anyway, we did have a good time 🙂

Today we started with Hogan’s laser therapy. He shouldn’t be on the NSAIDs all the time for his knee because it will kill his liver, so we are trying laser therapy. He will get to be off the drugs for about 2 weeks so it’s worth a try. The laser basically brings red blood cells to the areas of concern and helps to make it feel better – but doesn’t make it better. So, we’ll have to see how this works.

Happy Birthday, Sean!!!! We love you!!


# of pictures taken this week:  35

# of videos taken this week:  5






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