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  1. Nineteen Weeks & 1 day

    September 6, 2011 by brooke

    19 weeks + 1 day

    Getting closer… 🙂   So this past week, I’ve definitely been feeling the baby moving more & more.  Still nothing crazy yet, but almost everyday and most likely a couple of different times during that day.  So that’s pretty fun!   It feels to me like either a small poke from the inside, or sometimes like a really quick rolling of my stomach (but where my stomach isn’t!).   Sean still hasn’t been able to catch a moment when the baby kicks hard enough for him to feel it- but we both know that time is coming soon.  I can’t wait for him to experience that 🙂  So far I’ve gained 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (although, I’m still about 1.5 pounds lighter than when we started our weightloss challenge for our upcoming cruise!).  Not too bad I think… although a friend was telling me today that if I don’t start looking pregnant soon, she was going to start force feeding me!  The belly’s coming – believe me!

    The baby got a package from my aunt this week:)  It contained a very sweet note and two awesome onesies… his/her first FSU onesie (!) and one that says, ‘My Aunt’s the Best!’ –  so cute!  We can’t wait to try them out.  We’ve also gotten numerous sweet cards congratulating us on our upcoming adventure – thanks everyone!!

    Sean’s parents came for a visit this weekend.   We had an awesome football day Saturday.  We had Sean & I, his parents, and a couple of our friends over as we watched FSU keep on scoring!!  Go Noles!  On Sunday we went to our friends house- they have a fabulous house on a good sized lake.  We spent the day jet skiing, water skiing (not me), tubing (again, not me!) and basically living the awesome life!  We had a wonderful meal and then watched ‘Mega Mind’ and then made the trip home.  Our friends gave us some very sweet gifts for the baby – stretch mark lotion for me (!), a cute little elephant toy, & the best – a stuffed Renegade (the horse portion of FSU’s mascot) that plays the FSU war chant!!  We’ve already started playing it for the baby so that he/she is all ready for the games next year 🙂   Never too early to start!  They also gave a really beautiful vase for a belated wedding/2nd year anniversary gift.  So thoughtful!   What a wonderful day 🙂 Today Sean & I had a movie day – it was nice to sit back, relax, and have a little alone time (not for much longer!).   It was a really great weekend!!


    Movies we watched this week:

    ‘Mega Mind’ – very funny movie (you gotta love Will Ferrell & Tina Fey!)

    ‘Season of the Witch’ – definitely not a blockbuster & took a turn near the end, but it was entertaining if you like scary movies (& Nicholas Cage)

    ‘Priest’ – never had heard of it, but it was also entertaining in an interesting way… about people with special ‘powers’ that hunt down vampires in a future world

    We also started watching ‘Game of Thrones’, an HBO series… so far we really like it. Let you know how we like it as time goes on 🙂


    Book I finished reading this week: ‘Heaven is for real’ – This book is a true story written by a father as it was told to him by his young son, who says that he visited heaven while undergoing emergency surgery. Very interesting, especially if you believe in heaven, or want to believe, or think you could believe…


    Our little one is the size of a large mango (about 6 in. from head to butt & weighs about ½ a pound!)