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  1. April 2014: Baby #2 is 37 weeks to labor day!

    April 28, 2014 by brooke

    37 Weeks

    37 Weeks

    37 Weeks - anxious to meet our newest family member!

    37 Weeks – anxious to meet our newest family member!

    40 Weeks!

    40 Weeks!


    We went to the zoo at the beginning of the month because our pass was about to expire. It was a fun day and I’m really glad that I didn’t try to go without Sean – I was pretty big and easily tired by that point in my pregnancy.

    We had our hospital tour with Haley. I thought it was important for her to see ahead of time where I would be when I ‘left her’ and where she would be visiting me and the baby for the first time. She really couldn’t have cared less. But, it was at least a little helpful for Sean and me since the labor and delivery floor had changed since our last visit. And we got to go to one of our favorite pizza places after for dinner, so that made it worthwhile 🙂

    We finished the baby’s room this month – I would hope so, since I was due on the 26th! When it was finally put to together I felt much better! And I love how it looks 🙂

    We decided to have Easter with just us. I wanted one last holiday where it was just the 3 of us. I was having a hard time swallowing the idea that it wouldn’t just be the 3 of us anymore (even though I was super excited about the baby – it was just the idea of change I guess). So, we had a nice day just the 3 of us and then had dinner with our next door neighbors.  Unfortunately, I ended up getting really sick starting on Easter Sunday.  It made the last week of this pregnancy pretty miserable.  But, thank God I didn’t have the baby early and I was even happy to go over my due date a little so that I was very healthy by the time the baby was born.  And, I was able to spend some good quality time with Haley the last couple of days before baby #2 made her arrival!

    I was 40 weeks (my due date) on the 26th… and nothing happened 🙂 We went to the beach that weekend and it was nice to do that one more time since I knew I wouldn’t be going for a while after the baby was born. Then on the 28th after my 40 week appt, on my way home with Haley, I thought my water broke – turned out it didn’t, but I still had to go to the hospital and get checked out anyway. It was a nice trial run. I was kind of hoping that they would just keep me and induce me since I was there. I had a scheduled induction for that Friday May 2nd if the baby wasn’t here yet. They didn’t keep me. Turns out I’m glad they didn’t since I went into labor on my own the next night! I did have Lily on April 30th but I’m going to leave that story for it’s very own post 🙂