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  1. Week of Life #47: December 18th to December 24th – Merry Christmas Eve!

    December 24, 2012 by brooke

    47 Weeks old

    On Thursday we went to the mall in the morning and Haley got to meet Santa for the first time. She didn’t want to sit by herself at first (no screaming or crying, just reaching out for Sean & I) so we sat with her and she was fine. Then we tried again with just Haley & Santa and she did pretty good – no real smiles, but she wasn’t upset 🙂 We ended up getting the picture with all of us because Haley is smiling a little in it. It was another fun first!

    Today, Monday, is Christmas Eve! We spent the day in St. Petersburg with Sean’s parents, brother, grandparents, and aunts. It was a really wonderful celebration. Haley was very into showing off her walking skills and by the end of the day was getting really good – making 90 degree turns and everything! It was great to see Sean’s family and I know they enjoyed seeing Haley 🙂 That evening we went to church with my parents. It went really well – even though Haley had only napped about 1/3 of her usual nap time. Sean fed her cheerios when she got fussy and that worked like a charm! Gotta love cheerios!! When we got home we put Haley to bed and we had a little snack and watched a movie. I made cookies for Santa and we went to bed. What a wonderful day! I can’t wait for the rest of the week!


    # of pictures taken this week:  55

    # of videos taken this week:  8