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Week of life #16: May 15th – May 21st

May 21, 2012 by brooke

16 Weeks old

Not much happened this last week. We went for our weekly mall walk with our friends, Shawnna & Hayden – that was fun, as always! I really can’t think of anything else fun or interesting that happened during the week!

This past weekend GG (Sean’s mom) was here. It had been about 5 weeks since she had seen Haley, so she was excited – so was Haley 🙂 Friday I made a new recipe and it was delicious! It was chicken and broccoli casserole and we had that for dinner – yum! On Saturday, I had to work and Sean needed to work on his truck, so GG watched Haley for us. They had a great day 🙂 I think Haley is getting spoiled from all the Grandmother love she’s been getting (but that’s okay by us!). Saturday evening our friend Dawn came over and we had a yummy meal delivered by GG and then the girls played games and Sean went to poker night with the guys. Sunday we had a lazy morning filled with a walk and sitting around catching up and then that afternoon we headed to our friend’s lake house for more first time greetings for Haley. We had a very relaxing day by the lake and some great food prepared by our friends and then the three of us headed home, while GG made her way back up north.

We had a great weekend with family and friends (after a somewhat boring week, I guess!) and we’re looking forward to next weekend – 3 days long for Sean! Yay – we love long weekends!

# of pictures taken this week:  135

# of videos taken this week:  3





16 weeks

bath by Daddy

Love my bath

Mommy love

Chillin with my peep

Yummy fingers

Just hanging out

Snuggly after my bath

My Aunt is the best (from my Aunt Deryl!)

Visit with GG

Meeting Shawn & Mike 🙂

Our future's so bright...

Our little family

Hi Mary!

Pretty baby

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