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Twenty-one weeks & 6 days

September 24, 2011 by brooke


21 weeks + 6 days

Nothing much exciting happened this week.  Mostly we worked and started preparing for our trip.  I managed to get a new bathing suit on Wednesday.  I wasn’t looking for a whole new suit, just a top, but I couldn’t find  a top to match any of my bottoms… so a whole new suit it was!  That’s okay by me 🙂  I’m showing a little more now, although I can still hide it pretty well if I want.  Unfortunately, I’m down 3 pounds from last week, but I know I’ll be making it up when we’re on the cruise!  So, I’m not worried at all – yet.  Still feeling the baby moving a lot.  There was a day or two that I didn’t feel much, and I got worried, and so I got out the doppler and of course heard that heat beat going strong!  2 more weeks till I hit that magic number – 24 (viability!).

One exciting thing- all our TV show are coming back on air now!  No more reruns 🙂  We love Parenthood, Glee, Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community, CSI (me), Modern Family, Up All Night (new, so we’ve only seen it 2x), Survivor (me)…  so, yeah, we watch a lot of TV!  Gotta love the DVR 🙂  Didn’t watch any movies this week.  But I did get to talk to a few people last night that are avid readers also and read the same types of books as me and I got some great recommendations.  So, more reading – YAY!  And more book reviews coming.

Today is my friend’s baby shower – so I’m off to that in a little bit.  Should be fun!  I haven’t been to one in a while.  And then we’re taking a trip on my dad’s new boat!  Can’t wait for that!!  Gotta get this baby on a boat 🙂  Pictures to come…

Our little one is now about a pound!!  And is about as long as a big squash (about 11 in.).  WOW!!

22 weeks side view

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