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  1. Week of Life #13: April 24th to April 30th

    April 30, 2012 by brooke


    13 weeks old

    Haley’s been sleeping great in her pack-n-play. Especially now that we’ve started swaddling her arms down again! For about 3-4 weeks now we’ve been letting her hands free because she likes to suck on them and we keep hoping that she’ll figure out her thumb (still hasn’t!). But she has also started in the last few weeks to rub her eyes when she’s tired (so cute!!) and we figured out that she does it in her sleep – and that wakes her up! So, by swaddling her arms down she is now sleeping much better. She’s been sleeping about 8-9 hours straight and then another 3 or 4 after a bottle each night since we started that again. Mommy is enjoying that!

    Around Wednesday I started feeling yucky and by Thursday I was not well. Let me tell you- it’s no fun being sick and taking care of your baby. I hate that I have no energy to play with her and that I feel so yucky while she’s sitting next to me being so cute! Plus, during the later part of the week, she started acting fussy and wanting to sleep a lot during the day, so I think she was fighting off whatever I had. Poor baby. I really hope it doesn’t turn into something bad for her. Probably my problem is that I went back to work with all those snotty daycare kidos and after not being there for 3 months my immunity to them is gone. I hope it comes back quick! When I first started working there it took me about 4 months straight of being sick before I built up my immune system. I hope it doesn’t take another 4 months!!

    Friday we made the trip up to Tallahassee, again! This weekend was the March of Dimes walk for Tallahassee. The NICU that I used to work at has a team and I was always a part of it and since we’ve moved we always go back to walk with them. I really look forward to it because not only do I get to see my old co-workers and friends, but also graduates that I took care of while working there. It’s so much fun to see how big those little babies have gotten over the years!! It’s really a great time and something that I look forward to each year. I have people that ask me why I don’t start walking with a team in Tampa Bay and frankly the thought never really crossed my mind. I need to go back to see my old patients and their parents, as well as my friends. That is really important to me. And as an added bonus, we get to see Sean’s family while we’re there!

    So, Saturday was the walk. We got up early to meet our friends for breakfast, which was lots of fun, and then we headed to the walk. I love the March of Dimes walk! It’s so amazing how big all the graduates are getting and how great they all are, especially after starting off so small. We only walked 2 miles this year – it was just too hot to walk the whole 3 miles. Haley loved the walk too. She just really likes to be outside, which is wonderful. And it was a lot of fun showing off our little girl to everyone 🙂 We are so blessed!

    After the walk, we dropped Hogan off at the house and then went to get my rings checked. It was a good thing we did, because a few of the diamonds in my wedding band were loose. We got that all fixed up and then went to Uptown Cafe (Sean’s family’s cafe) and had a delicious, as always, lunch. Then we went back to the house to hang out by the pool with Sean’s brother and some friends. That evening we went to a friend’s FSU graduation party. What a great day!!

    Sunday morning we went back to the Cafe and had a great breakfast and then started back to our home. We made it back safe and sound 🙂 We’re always nervous after a full day of driving with Haley because she sleeps so much in the car, but she always still sleeps that night (so far!).

    Haley and I still weren’t feeling full tilt on Monday, so we had a calm day to try and get the rest of the yuckies out. It was a low key day. We’re looking forward to the week ahead!


    # of pictures taken this week: 53

    # of pictures taken on my phone this week: 27

    # of videos taken this week: 14




    what are you looking at?


    sweet and sleeping

    Naked tummy time!

    rocking and watching tv

    yum, yum... i like to try to hold my own bottle

    sleeping in my crib

    watching mommy clean the pool

    my pretty eyelashes

    I love my bath!

    bath time with my ducky!

    March of Dimes walk - TMH team

    My tiniest patient (he was about 400 grams at birth and 22 weeks gestation): now 4 years old!

    Another tiny patient all grown up and a wonderful family!!

    One of my first patients at TMH, little Brookie 🙂

    My great friend Dani & me after the walk - we're hot!

    Dani & Haley

    Good friends 🙂

    Our little family walking for the March of Dimes!