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  1. 35 Weeks

    December 27, 2011 by brooke

    35 weeks + 1 day

    This week was a little more busy than last 🙂  Monday I was very busy – 3 Dr. appointments for me!  First the dentist (everything was great), then we met with the woman we want to be our baby’s pediatrician, then I had my OB appointment.

    The pediatrician meeting went really well – we really liked her and it seems like she will be a good fit for us.  Which is good because I didn’t feel like meeting with anyone else!  My OB appointment was good as well.  I saw the same Dr. as last time and she basically said the same things 🙂  She said people will probably be telling me I look small and that I am actually fine.  I measured at 34 cm (perfect) and she still ‘thinks’ the baby is head down.  She was a little concerned that I had gained 3 pounds in the last week – but I’ve been eating a lot 🙂  Next time I go I will have my Group B strep test and from then on, I’ll be going once a week.  Group B Strep is an infection that about a 1/3 of women carry (but is not typically harmful to adults), however if a woman has an active infection at the time of delivery the baby can contract it and it can be harmful.  So, anyone who tests positive should get antibiotics during labor.

    Then I worked 4 days in a row – which was really hard!  I was really tired by the end of the week.  Saturday Sean’s parents and brother came down for Christmas. We had a very nice weekend with them.  Everyone was very concerned that I not over-do it and so I spent most of the weekend sitting and supervising – which was nice for me 🙂  On Christmas Day we also had Sean’s grandparents and aunts come over for dinner – also, very nice.  We had a great time visiting and eating!!  We will be celebrating Christmas with my parents next weekend.  This year we didn’t go present crazy… and it turned out good I think.  Sean & I donated money to a couple different charities and then got one small present for everyone.  We didn’t even exchange gifts with each other – other than a new roof 🙂  It definitely took a lot of pressure off me – I don’t have any idea when I would have shopped for everything!  It was nice to spend the holiday with family and not spend a lot of time thinking about presents.

    The baby has been moving around a lot still and having the hiccups on and off.  We get to feel ‘his’ feet/elbows/knees sticking out a lot 🙂  And I’ve started putting together our hospital bag, so that’s exciting.  My weight also went down a few pounds, but I’m not worried about it because the Dr. didn’t seem to like the weight I was at last week!  So far, I’ve only gained 23 pounds.  About 5 weeks to go…

    Our little one is now the size of a honeydew melon (weighing about 5.25 lbs. & around 18 in. long)!

    35 weeks + 1 day side view

    Christmas Night