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  1. Week of Life #46: December 11th to December 17th – Another Wedding!

    December 17, 2012 by brooke

    46 Weeks old

    I decided that I needed to go to Dawn & Matt’s wedding no matter what – it’s important for me to be there for my friend – no matter what Haley’s schedule is: she can handle a change every once in a while.

    Wednesday (12/12/12) was the big day! I got Haley up early and drove down to the courthouse while she very sweetly watched the world go by in her car seat. There wasn’t a long wait (which I was afraid of being that it was 12/12/12) and we were done in about an hour. They have a little room with some decorations to take pictures with, which I thought was nice, and I was able to video tape the ceremony and take pictures 🙂 We got some good ones outside afterwards also. I’m really happy Haley and I got to go. Two weddings in 1.5 weeks – amazing! I also got to sign the marriage certificate as a witness 🙂 That was exciting! Congratulations to Dawn & Matthias!

    Saturday (12/15) Haley took her first steps! Sean & I both got to be there, so it was so awesome! They were small, shuffling steps, about 2-3, but they were great! She didn’t even seem to know it happened at first. When we had her do it again, she noticed what was happening and was smiling ear to ear! We’re trying not to get super excited when she does it because we don’t want to encourage her too much! But we know it’s gonna be happening real soon – we’re going to have a toddler!

    So, that’s pretty much it for this week – that’s enough though! More next week…


    # of pictures taken this week:  46

    # of videos taken this week:  15