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  1. Week of Life #24: July 10th to July 16th – Lots of New Things Happening!

    July 16, 2012 by brooke

    24 Weeks Old

    Shoot! I wrote this post a few weeks ago and it disappeared – so now I get to write it again. Drat the luck. Oh well. Probably won’t be as in depth as the first time (and you all are probably saying, β€œYay, I hate it when she goes on & on…”). πŸ™‚

    Haley had a big week this week! We discovered some things and she started doing some new things as well.

    Last week or the week before, I bought a book called, β€œThe No-Cry Sleep Solution.” It didn’t work. I guess the thinking is that you can already get your child calmed down and once Haley starts crying at bedtime, there’s really no stopping her. So, by Tuesday night I was spent. I hate listening to her crying and it makes me feel horrible to just put her down and walk away while she cries out for me. But, we couldn’t figure out what else to do. Sean kept trying to tell me that she was just doing it so that I would come back in and pick her up and she could put off going to sleep. I didn’t believe him or didn’t care – not sure which! Anyway, Tuesday night rolls around and we walk into our room (where Haley is still sleeping in her pack-n-play) and she immediately starts crying. We walk back out into the living room and she’s fine… we did this about 4 or 5 times with the same reaction. So, I guess Sean was right and she just really doesn’t want to go to bed. This actually made me feel a lot better about letting her cry it out. I still don’t like listening to her cry, but she doesn’t do it for long and if we get her in at the right time it’s really just a little bit of fussing and then off to sleep.

    Wednesday our little baby rolled our for the first time!! Oh boy was I excited!! She was playing on her playmat on her back and was getting a little fussy – she kept rolling onto her side… and then she was over! She didn’t seem surprised or anything – until I started clapping and saying, β€œYay, Haley, Yay!” It was pretty funny (for me at least!). Then I kept trying to get her to do it again so I could video tape it and the result is about 20, 30 second to 1 minute videos of her laying on her back staring at me and fussing! Oh, well… we’ll get it sometime πŸ™‚ This new thing is going to start opening up her world a lot though – we are very excited!

    On Wednesday we also discovered that Haley likes to sleep with a blankie. It makes the whole going to sleep thing a lot less stressful for all involved. Sometimes she even grabs her blankie, rolls over to her side and falls right to sleep. It is a wonderful thing!

    Thursday we had our mall walk with our buddies and my mom came along too. She had just arrived into town because she was scheduled to watch Haley on Friday while Sean & I work. We had a nice time at the mall and then mom & I did some shopping & then got some lunch πŸ™‚ Haley was great as always. She just loves to be out and about, watching everything going on around her.

    Friday Haley got to spend with her Gammy while Sean & I were at work. They had a great day πŸ™‚ By this time, Haley had started rolling over in her sleep sometimes – which we are pretty happy about. We’re hoping that it fixes her flat head πŸ™‚

    This weekend we worked on the house (don’t we always do that?!). I’m making homemade laundry soap and fabric softener and in a few weeks I’m going to try dishwasher detergent. I’ll let you all know how it goes! I’m really excited! It’s way less expensive than buying the stuff and it seems to better for you too. Haley also had her first real swimming experience:) She really liked it! The water was a little chilly and she still did great! Yay!

    Well, since I had to rewrite this post, this is all that I can remember from that far back! More next week…


    # of pictures taken this week: 169

    # of videos taken this week: 22!

    # of life changing events this week: 3