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  1. Weeks of Life #38 & 39: October 16th to 29th

    October 29, 2012 by brooke

    38 Weeks old

    39 Weeks old

    Combining again 🙂 The weekend of the 19th we celebrated my dad’s birthday. I won’t say what number, but I will say it was a big birthday 🙂 We had Auntie Dawn babysit Saturday night and Sean, my parents, & I went out to eat at Bern’s Steakhouse. Yum! We really like it there and it’s been a long time since any of us had been – over 2 years for Sean & I and even longer for my parents. We had a really nice dinner and of course went to the dessert room and had a wonderful dessert! Haley did great with Auntie Dawn & Matt. I’m upset with myself though because we didn’t take any pictures that weekend for my dad’s birthday! Not even sure how that could happen… oh well, we have the memories.

    Haley has been doing really good sleeping in her own crib. In fact, I decided to just keep her in there all night – and she typically sleeps much better now. I think Sean & I were waking her up. Anyway, it’s still hard for me to have her all the way across the house, but it’s getting better. I get up only a few times a night to check on her 🙂 The worst part about moving her into her room was right before we did it her SIDS/apnea monitor stopped working (I think she peed on it!). So, I have no idea if she’s breathing unless I go in there and check… that’s been tough. But she’s past the most critical time for SIDS, so I just keep up with my prayers and my constant checking on her and so far so good. She is loving walking – with someone helping her or holding onto the furniture. And she’s pretty fast too! She loves to be chased around the room! She’s eating more and more finger foods, but she does not like the stage 3 baby food (which has chunks in it). She has also started sharing her food with me 🙂 She loves to share and now I get to benefit of having her feed me puffs in addition to blocks and frozen teethers. She’s such a sweet little girl! She’s also been clapping a lot recently. And, I gotta say, I love it! She will clap for me when I unload the dishwasher, clap when I load the laundry, when I finish vacuuming… I feel like I’m finally getting the praise that I deserve 🙂 It really is fun though.

    The next week I was trying to get together some ladies that I know who have babies/kids around Haley’s age – trying to start a playgroup 🙂 We ended up not being able to get together, but I know now that they are interested so we can try and plan something else soon. This weekend my mom was here Thursday to Monday morning. She watched Haley on Friday while I was at work. Saturday I had some ‘me time’ which was really needed. I had a massage and then my toes nails done and my mom and I went on a quick shopping trip to find something for my cousin – it was a great day! We then went to a neighbors house for a kids Halloween party. It was cute to see all the little ones dressed up and it was good for us to have a trail run for our costumes. And to top it off, Saturday night Sean and I got to have a date night 🙂 We just went to Caraba’s for dinner, but it was really nice to go out just the 2 of us and spend some adult time together. We would both like to do it more often, but it just hasn’t worked out that way yet. It’s something we need to make an effort to do.

    On Sunday my mom and I drove down to Ft. Myers for my cousins’s bridal shower! We were 2 of the hosts and so it was a busy day for us. But the shower was great (I thought so at least!) and we had fun 🙂 I would totally recommend using the Bahama Breeze in Ft. Myers for any special events! They were so helpful and nice and even helped us carry presents out to the car for the bride! I couldn’t believe it! Definitely 2 thumbs up for them 🙂 The shower was a beach theme and it really turned out great. I hope the bride-to-be enjoyed herself! After the shower we drove back up to Tampa Bay – boy, were we exhausted!

    Today, Monday, my mom left in the morning and then Haley & I went over to Tampa to watch another cousin (who’s also my God-Son) give his Senior speech! It was so exciting! I just can’t believe he is going to be graduating in the spring… and then going off to college! I remember so clearly meeting him for the first time on my front porch in Ft. Myers at my 15th birthday party! When I saw him there in his little car seat, waiting on the porch for me to open the door, I started crying 🙂 I was so happy to see him there. And now he’s almost 18 and grown up! Anyway, his speech was great and I think he was really happy and surprised to see Haley & I there 🙂 It was very special to me to be able to attend.

    Haley and I decided to have some outside time one day (can’t remember which one now!). It has been really nice outside and we haven’t really played outside ever! So, I got a big blanket and some toys and we went out front under our neighbors tree and had a blast. She played with the blades of grass for a while and after just a little while decided she loves crawling in the grass 🙂 It was so much fun! And it was so wonderful to be outside. More of that coming I’m sure!!

    Tomorrow we have Haley’s 9 month appointment – on her 9 month birthday! Can’t wait to see what the Dr. says. I’m sure she’s going to be 20 pounds – we’ll see!


    # of pictures taken these weeks:  175

    # of videos taken these weeks:  5