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  1. Week of life #6: March 6th – March 12th (And Happy Birthday to me!)

    March 12, 2012 by brooke

    6 Weeks

    Once again more booby issues (just the first paragraph though…).

    I called on Tuesday and they just couldn’t believe that med didn’t work (both the nurse and the Dr. said, this med always works…).  So they referred me to a dermatologist.  I went and she immediately said, “This is not yeast!”  Oh my gosh, get it together people!!!  OK, she thought it was irritation/contact dermatitis.  She ordered me yet a different cream.  So far nothing has improved (or gotten worse, so I guess that’s good). I’m still only pumping right now.  I have attempted to put her on a few times and she does it well, but once she figures out the milk isn’t just pouring out, she gets upset and won’t do that work.  So, that’s something we’re still working on.  At this point I think the irritation is from the pumping, so this week I started pumping every 4 hours (instead of every 3) to lessen the amount of time and hopefully the amount of irritation.  This has greatly increased the amount of sleep I’ve been able to get (not having to get up every 3 hours) and I’m also able to get more things done around the house (my time was very limited before!).  The irritation hasn’t gotten any better, but my state of mind has a little bit!  So that it good at least.

    Tuesday was my birthday 🙂  I’m now… 32 (yikes!).  I can’t believe it!  Sean surprised me at lunch with a cookie cake – yummy!!  He’s so sweet 🙂  We had a nice lunch and Haley and I had a nice day.  This birthday sure was a different birthday from any other birthday I’ve ever had!  But it was so wonderful… and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Being able to cuddle up with my own little one was the best birthday present ever (beside the delicious cookie cake, that’s a close second).  That evening we went out to eat at Cody’s and Haley came too.  It was the first time we had eaten out just the three of us.  She was perfect.  Not one little peep out of her till we got home.  And I got to have a Frozen Grasshopper (only the best drink ever!) and the food was really good too.  (Side note:  We really like Cody’s and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes yummy food and a casual atmosphere.  They also have kids eat free night and 2 for 1 fajitas night – FYI).  What a wonderful birthday celebration – thanks to my wonderful (boy, I say that a lot, but it’s so true!) hubby and my sweet little Haley.

    Friday morning my parents came into town.  I went to my 6 six week check up with my OB and Haley and my mom came too (we had some errands to run afterwards).  The checkup went great.  She said I’m doing great and can resume all my normal activities 🙂  I would love to recommend this OB/GYN practice to anyone in the Tampa Bay area – Contemporary Women’s Care next to Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater.  They are fabulous.  All the staff treated us great and were very friendly and helpful we couldn’t have asked for more from them.  This is important because I was previously at a different practice and really liked the Dr., but the staff was not friendly and I didn’t feel very welcome there.  Not the kind of environment I wanted to be in (and I was in it pretty often the last 10 months!).  And we were very comfortable with all the Dr.s (there are 5 in the practice).  There are a couple that seem like they are more about the ‘get down to business’ and not very chit-chaty and the rest are a little more personable, but we very much liked them all and would feel comfortable with any of them taking care of me and/or delivering any future babies.

    Back to Friday:  After my appointment we went to a traveling consignment sale called ‘Just Between Friends.’  It is a big consignment sale for maternity and babies/kids stuff (clothes, toys, strollers, etc.).  They come to the area (and many others areas) twice a year and anyone can bring their stuff to consign.  We got soo many clothes!  They were in great shape (in fact quite a few of the items still had their original tags on them – never worn!).  Some of the stuff there was definitely not gently used, but we didn’t buy that stuff and probably neither did anyone else – so those cosigners didn’t get paid!  I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to go again in September when they’re back.  Hopefully we can get some nicely priced outside play toys at that point 🙂

    After that we went to the mall real quick (my first time using our stroller outside the house and I loved it!).  Then we came back home- boy, was I tired!  That was the longest I had been out of the house in a LONG time!  And Haley did great!  She ate and slept and just went about her day as if we were at home.  She’s such a good baby.  She loved sleeping in her Moby wrap while we were at the consignment sale.

    Saturday my Ft. Myers family came up to meet our little one.  This included my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and my three cousins.  It was so wonderful of them to drive up to meet Haley and we were so excited to see them all.  What an awesome experience seeing my grandmother holding my daughter!  That was a really special moment for me.  And I loved seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousin holding her and interacting with her as well.  All very special people in my life and I got to experience this very special time with them.  My Tampa based uncle and cousin stopped by too and that was great! We had a yummy lunch and just got to socialize – and once again, Haley was great.  That night the 3 of us went to dinner with my parents – it was delicious and Haley was pretty good.  Sean had to take her out of the restaurant for just a couple of minutes and then she was good again.  Nice night!

    So, Sunday…  What a day!  Sean had decided he wants to sell his car and buy a used diesel suburban and use the profit to help buy me a used van to tote the little one around in.  Well, after looking for a couple of weeks and some unsuccessful attempts at buying different ones, he found one near Macon, Georgia on Craigslist.  Somehow he talked my dad into driving him up there on Sunday to buy the thing!  So off they went and my mom stayed home to help me with Haley.  The weekends have been my time to rest up and recuperate while Sean helps me with the baby – and since he was going to be gone, I asked my mom to stay and help me.  And oh, boy did I need help that day!  Haley had a bad day… I think she was all off from her busy weekend and having her schedule knocked around by me on Friday and then her extended family on Saturday (not that we would have changed a thing, but it did wreck a little havoc on her system!).  Having my mom there was a wonderful thing!  Sean got back around 11 PM and I heard him from around the corner!  But I like the truck and I think once we vacuum it out and freeze the heck out of it, it’ll be a great addition to our household.  Next up, we need to sell the Jeep.  That makes me sad, because I love the Jeep, but as Sean says – we never drive around in it anymore because we won’t put Haley in it and if we need to use his car because mine’s in the shop then we’re a little screwed.  The Jeep was great, but I guess we need a more family friendly car now 🙂

    I was a little bummed because we were scheduled to have massages on Sunday – our first since Haley.  However, I still went without Sean and it was great (although I would have rather gone with him).  Thank goodness for the miracles workers at Massage Envy (and my mom who watched Haley!)!

    My mom stayed Sunday night and helped me get some extra sleep on this morning and then left around lunchtime.  Then Sean and I went to Haley’s 2 month pediatrician appointment (even though she is only 6 weeks today!).  She got her 2 month shots and did pretty well.  She cried of course, but calmed down very quickly once we picked her back up.  I gave her some tylenol when we got home (just for pain) and she was great the rest of the day.  Not extra fussy or anything – such a good girl 🙂  We’re going to try her on some special formula (for fussiness and gas) because she has a lot of gas and gets cranky and fussy from the pain.  Hopefully that will help.  It’s not all the time, but I hate for her to go through that pain.

    The big news this week:  Well, you all know Haley started smiling at the fan last week… this week she started smiling at us 🙂  And laughing at times too!  It is just the cutest, sweetest smile you have ever seen!  I love it!!  And we can’t get enough of it!

    We’re going to Tallahassee next weekend for Sean’s dad’s birthday 🙂

    More next week…


    Weight: 9lbs. 8oz.  (51st percentile)

    Length:  21.75in.  (79th percentile)

    # of pictures taken this week: 323

    # of pictures taken on my phone: 8

    # of family members met this week: 6 (# left to go: 17 of Brooke’s family & 12 of Sean’s)

    * Product review-  Moby Wrap:  We love our Moby wrap!  I love it because it’s hands-free and holds her nice and stable.  Haley loves it because it keeps her warm (a biggie for her!) and because it keeps her close by me.  There have been several warnings not to get this product because of a risk of death… that kind of freaked me out.  But after using it I realized that it’s pretty easy to keep your child alive in one as long as you’re paying attention.  Seems obvious enough, but…  Anyway, as long as your baby’s face is not pressed into your body and the wrap isn’t covering her face it is very safe.  Be smart people.  We would definitely recommend this product to anyone and I would/will use it again for another baby.  Two downsides:  It is difficult to put on in public.  It is made up of a massive amount of fabric and holding it all, folding it all, and wrapping it all in public is hard to do without getting it on the floor.  But it can be done- I did it in a dirt parking lot and was very careful to keep the fabric in the car.  Also, it is a lot of fabric, so it can get very hot.  Definitely not something for a theme park in Florida in the dead of summer…

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