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  1. Week of Life #9: March 27th – April 2nd

    April 2, 2012 by brooke

    9 Weeks old

    We had another subdued week this week.  Wednesday I had an appointment with my Dermatologist.  I decided to make this appointment because what the other dermatologist I saw a couple of weeks ago prescribed me wasn’t making any difference (big surprise, since nothing has helped yet!). So, onto another Dr. appointment for me (and Haley, as my constant sidekick!).  This one also thought it was an irritation of some kind. He prescribed me another steroid and a calming cream.  Then I promptly forgot the samples and the coupon they gave me at the office! When I called back, they said they weren’t open again until the next Tuesday, so I’m waiting until then to fill my scripts.  What’s another couple of days when this has been going on for months?!  So I’ll have to wait until next week to see if this next round will be ‘the one.’  I’ve been really cutting back on the pumping too – started at every 5 hours at the beginning of the week and went to every 6 to 8 by the end of the week.  It’s sad for me that she’s getting less and less breastmilk, but she will have gotten it for about 2.5 months (at least) and it is making life a little easier for me.  I feel a little bad saying that, but it is what it is and it’s not like I didn’t try real hard to make it work.  The letting go process for me has been a difficult one (as I’ve said before), but I’m working on it.  I know that she’ll be just as smart and happy and cute eating only formula, but it’s hard to replace the image I had in my mind for 10 months of me nursing my little baby. But, I’m working on it!!  On to better things…

    Wednesday I took Haley to the Honda dealership to get new rear tires for our van. Part of our buying agreement with them was that they would replace the back tires (they had replaced the front ones already and we wanted them all to match and be at the same level).  Thanks to Sean’s negotiating powers we got just what we wanted 🙂  The new tires took about an hour to put on and Haley and I walked around and talked with some of the other people waiting and she had a bottle.  Once again, she was great.  I feel so lucky to have such an easy going baby.  I hope she stays this way!  I think/hope that doing these kinds of things with her often will help her stay easygoing… only time will tell!  After that we went to Target and then Publix – by the end of all that Haley was really ready to get out of her car seat!  She hates to be strapped into it, but once we get in the car and get going she’s good.  However, she can only stand being strapped in for so long – and frankly, I don’t blame her!

    This weekend we ran some errands with Sean and did some yard/house work.  The weekends are a great time for me to catch up on stuff that gets pushed aside during the week.  Sean gets to spend some quality time with Haley and I get to catch up.  I try not to worry during the week about getting stuff done, knowing that I have the weekend to do it.  I know she’s not going to want me to hold on to her much longer, so I want to savor this time as much as I can – especially after waiting so long for this precious little one.  All those years in the NICU and the last few at the daycare, I always had to say to the babies, “I’m so sorry I can’t hold you all night/day, I wish I could, but I can’t.”  I would always say to myself that I would be able to do that with my own baby – and now I can!  Oh, how I am dreading going back to work (even just 4 days a month!!)!

    Sean’s been working real hard on his Suburban, trying to get it running to be able to sell it. He wants to get something a little newer maybe.  But who knows once he gets it up and running, he may want to keep it!  Haley and I got our first ride in his car this weekend.  She loved it!  She was fussing and as soon as he started up that diesel engine, she got so quiet and fell right to sleep!  I liked it too (although I didn’t fall asleep).  It reminded me so much of the first car I can remember my parents having.  Not that they had a Suburban, but it was the 80’s and also a GM and so a lot of the interior stuff was the same.  Good times 🙂

    Movies we watched: ‘The Descendants’ – we both enjoyed this movie.  It was kind of a drama, but not in the emotional way.  There were some funny parts, but mostly it was just good.  Interesting.

    Show we watched: ‘Game of Thrones’ – we are both reading this series (both of us are now on the 5th book right now) so we are probably a little biased about the quality of this show.  We liked it, but it wasn’t the same as the book (big shocker!) and they left out some stuff and added other stuff that wasn’t in the book (again, big shocker!).  However, it was still good and I like to watch it because it helps me put a face to all the characters in the book (which there a a LOT of!).

    Next weekend we’re going to Tallahassee for Easter with Sean’s family.  More then!


    # of pictures taken this week: 57 (seems like such a low number after previous weeks!)

    # of pictures taken on my phone this week: 7

    So sad that I'm growing so fast...

    Raise your hand if you're sure!

    Daddy and me outside


    Sleeping with Mommy

    Kicked back and relaxing


    Silly face!

    I love Daddy!

    Sleeping in my big girl bed - all sprawled out with so much space!

    "What? I'm just chillin in my bumbo."

    "I think I like this..."

    Sleeping with Mommy again

    Sleeping with Daddy

    Blue eyes!

    Some oldies, but goodies 🙂

    "Humm... I think I look like Little Bo Beep in this outfit!" (taken in the NICU)


    My yoga pose

    Sweet baby girl

    Mommy, Haley, & Daddy (hours old!)


    Mommy & Haley (in the hospital)