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  1. Week of life #4: February 20th – 27th

    February 27, 2012 by brooke

    4 weeks old

    1 month old


    This past week we’ve had an interesting week.  Sean had Monday off and first thing in the morning we had an appointment with a lactation consultant.  It was a really good appointment and made me feel better about how things are going (I’ve considered stopping a couple of times the last few weeks due to several different issues we’ve been having).  She gave me incentive to keep going 🙂  We’ll try it for a while longer and see what’s happening and reevaluate as we go along. She did think that we both had a yeast/thrush problem – which explained a lot about the pain I’ve been having.  I called my Dr. and they were closed.. unfortunately.  We then went to Babies-R-Us to get a few things and then home.  In the afternoon Haley had her second pediatrician appointment – which went really well.  Her Dr. prescribed her nystatin for her oral thrush.  Our thought is that she became prone to the yeast taking over since she was on a few antibiotics in the NICU.  The antibiotics basically kill off good bacteria that keep the yeast from taking over and because the good bacteria are gone the yeast can now grow. And since we are breastfeeding, she gave the thrush to me – again, unfortunately.  So, now we both have to be treated.  All the research I’ve done says the yeast is very persistent and it may take months to clear up.  Yet another roadblock in the breastfeeding plan.  Anyway, after that appointment we went to publix to stock up on some things. Haley was great the whole day 🙂

    It’s really funny (not in a haha way) – I was determined to not have a birth plan.  I’ve seen too many of them go right out the window when things go differently than what was ‘planned’.  There’s nothing predictable about childbirth.  However, I did have all these ideas of how things would be after Haley was born (basically concerning breastfeeding).  And it’s been really hard for me to realize that things may not be how I imagined and dreamed they would be.  I’m getting more used to the idea now, but it’s still a hard concept for me to reconcile.

    This past week I’ve been just pumping and feeding Haley a bottle.  It is just too painful to breastfeed at this point.  But I’m not giving up yet.  And if I do end up going for all formula, I know that she at least got a months worth of the best milk on earth 🙂  And that’s something.

    We’ve had a few friend visits this past week which has been really great.  And they brought food too – even better 🙂

    On Saturday my uncle, aunt, and cousin from Tampa came over to meet Haley.  It was a fun visit 🙂  It was weird (but awesome!) to see my cousin/God-son holding my baby – I remember the first time I held him: 17 years ago!  Wow!  Time sure flies…

    On Sunday we had a very special visit – Haley got to meet her Great Aunts and her Great-Grandparents on her Dad’s Dad side (Sean’s paternal grandparents and aunts).  They were all super excited and so happy to meet her.  We had a great visit and, of course, some delicious food made by Sean’s grandmother.  Sean’s dad came down for the visit too and that was special to see them all together.

    Ok, more next week…


    Weight: 8lbs. 2oz. (38th percentile)

    Length: 20.75in (72nd percentile)  – tall & skinny!!

    # of family members met: 11

    # left to go: 22 (my family) + 12 (Sean’s family) = 34!!! (plus friends that are like family!)

    The Family


    Great-Omi + Opa

    Great Aunts Dee + Rita




    Brooke's family (Ryan, Mary, & Chris)

    Haley, Mommy, & Daddy




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