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  1. Twenty-Seven Weeks

    October 31, 2011 by brooke

    27 weeks

    What a week!  It’s been a very busy one 🙂  Monday night we had dinner with some friends that we hadn’t seen in almost 3 months!  And it was a lot of fun- they are newlyweds and what a wonderful couple!  We always have fun with them.

    Wednesday I cleaned the new refrigerator almost all day long!  It didn’t seem that dirty, but I’m pretty picky about stuff that comes from people I don’t know.  Wednesday night we finished putting together our bookshelves – and boy, do they look good!!  It almost looks like they were built in.

    Thursday I spent pretty much all day working on the bookshelves – as in reorganizing, putting books on them, and putting together IKEA storage containers.  I also finished cleaning the new refrigerator and reorganized the garage so that I could plug it in – and it works!  That was a job!  I was super tired after all that!!

    Friday, Sean & two of our friends drove to Tallahassee for the NC State game (I had to work Saturday and insisted that he went).  Yay to FSU for winning Saturday!  Today Sean & friends are driving home and I have been working on the den some more.  I was able to empty out two big boxes.  I also finished my research on cord blood banking and hopefully Sean & I can decided on that this week so I can start that process.

    I’m hoping to make appointments with a couple pediatricians this week too.  A friend gave me some good advice the other day- she said not to stress out about all this stuff that I have to do.  She said get the baby stuff done and all the other stuff will still be there waiting.  She’s right! I just feel like I need to get it all done right now, but I know I don’t need to – it will still be there tomorrow.  I am going to have my glucose screening on Wednesday – not really looking forward to that.  I really hope I pass it 🙂

    Oh- I keep forgetting to report this… my dad has decided on a name for himself.  He will be Granddad – with the emphasis on the Grand!  Also, this baby is moving a lot!  Still mostly rolling and turning around, but definitely kicking too.  ‘He’ is getting really strong!  It is uncomfortable at times, but I still love it!  Sean gets a kick out of seeing and feeling it too.  So far I’ve gained 15 pounds.  I don’t feel like I’m carrying ‘extra’ weight, but it’s definitely visible on me 🙂 in a good way!

    Our little one is now the size of a head of cauliflower (a little under 2 pounds and about 14.5 in. long)!


    27 weeks side view