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Week of Life #30: August 21st to August 27th – A Hurricane, not…

August 27, 2012 by brooke

30 Weeks old

Tuesday we got an appointment for Haley at the pediatrician for her little rash. I was getting worried it looked like ring worm and it wasn’t going away with anything I had tried (lotion, desitin, A&D). So we went and she thought it was just a simple atopic dermatitis. My job is to put cortisone cream on 2x a day for a week and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! She said if that didn’t take care of it, to try lotrimine for a week. Luckily, after just one application of the cortisone, the rash is looking much better and as of today (Monday) I can barely tell where the rash was anymore. Yay! First crisis taken care of (although, it wasn’t really a crisis!).

We’ve had to take a step back on the cardio portion of our workouts – I hurt my knee running and it’s pretty painful. However, I think rest will help restore it. I am making up for this setback by calorie counting. We’ll see how that goes! We didn’t do much else this week – other than prepare for the hurricane. I stocked up on canned food and got an emergency radio. Things I never used to worry about, but now with Haley around I wanted to make sure we were prepared

. Saturday I worked and Sean and Haley had a fun day together 🙂 Sean’s trying to sell his Suburban again, so they cleaned that up and made it look nice and shiney.

Sunday we had a lot to do! We cleaned out the garage (quickly, not the thorough job we want to do, but that can wait) so that I could park the van inside again. We didn’t want any branches blowing into it during the hurricane! Then I worked on clearing the porch off, moving all the furniture and plants inside, while Sean mowed the lawn. Then we got ready and left Haley with our fabulous friends and headed out for a double-date at the bowling alley (we had a Groupon!). We had a great time out and Haley had fun with her babysitters 🙂 It was a nice day.

Today we were prepared for the worst and nothing much happened at all! We barely even got any rain. It’s much better to be prepared and have nothing happen, than to have nothing to survive with and have the worst happen. So, now that we’ve got the porch all cleared off, I really want to pressure wash before we put everything back on. We’re going to rent a washer next week and get that done – it needs it so badly.

Haley’s doing just fine. Still trying like crazy to crawl… I’m not too excited about that! I mean, it will be a wonderful milestone and I will definitely celebrate, but I’m not looking forward to having her be mobile yet! I like knowing that she’s going to be in a 5 foot radius of where I left her! Babies grow up though, I suppose, and there’s no stopping them… She’s just getting so grown up 🙂 Wonder what she’s going to do next? She’s also really into a bouncing phase – she loves to bounce! And Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights she slept through the night until at least 6 AM. Now that I’ve said that, she’ll stop again, but it was nice those 3 nights!

Haley’s weight at the Dr this week: 17 lbs. 12 oz.

# of pictures taken this week: 87

# of videos taken this week: 5





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