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Fifteen weeks & 2 days

August 10, 2011 by brooke

15 weeks + 2 days

Boy, was I exhausted after our New York trip!! I still feel like I’m catching up on sleep – but that’s ok 🙂 I’m at a point now with our pregnancy where I’m not having much in the way of pregnancy symptoms and still haven’t felt the baby moving (which is typical- not unusual, especially for a first pregnancy). So, all that equals me being nervous that everything is still going ok! There’s no real way to tell right now, so I’m getting paranoid again. At least I realize it! So, back to the fetal heart rate monitor – well, I bought one yesterday. It shipped today and so I’m really hoping that it may be here tomorrow:) I’m planning on it relieving a lot of stress for me… we’ll see if that actually happens! Also in pregnancy news, I think I’m finally starting to show- but just a little, tiny bit. It’s not easy to tell in the morning, but by nighttime, it’s getting really hard to hold it all in!

In other news, I’ve been having lots of fun with my friend that’s ‘visiting’. She now has an apartment to rent at the end of the month and is working on the job thing. She’s super excited about our bundle of joy and I’m so happy that she’s here to share all this with us. I’m also just happy that she’s going to be close by again! I think that’s it for this week. We have our next appointment a week from this Friday – can’t wait! We don’t get an other ultrasound until 20 weeks, but just going makes me feel better. And I’m now up 1 pound. More later…

Our little one is now the size of an apple!

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