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  1. Week of Life #26: July 26th to July 30th – Happy 1/2 Birthday, Haley!!

    July 30, 2012 by brooke

    26 Weeks Old

    6 Months Old!

    Ok- so, I’m really behind on my posts and can’t seem to remember what happened three weeks ago (that’s weird, right? Haha!). Anyway, so the next few will probably be pretty short, but I think that’s okay since most people just want to see cute baby pictures, right?

    This week we had a couple of dates. We met our friends at the mall for a walk and that was fun. It’s so nice to walk there in the middle of summer! It’s soo hot outside. On Friday another friend came over to visit and we went in the pool – which Haley loved 🙂 That night her hubby joined us and we had a little impromptu stay-at-home double date. That was really great because we don’t get to see these friends a lot and it had been a while. Boy, things sure have changed from a year ago! Anyway, on Saturday I went to work and Sean & Haley got to have a nice Daddy-Daughter day.

    Today our baby is 6 months old! I can’t believe it! She’s so much fun and I look forward to every day with her – watching her grow and learn and just be amazingly adorable! Our little one (who’s not so little anymore!) is doing awesome! She loves to eat ‘solid’ food and drink water form her cup (see the pictures/videos below). She sits up really good now – only falling down if she’s reaching really far for something and not even too much when she does that because she used her other hand to support her weight now. Sean’s been trying to teach her how to crawl, but she’s not into it yet. Although, I know she really wants to be able to get around and I can tell that she’s getting frustrated being stuck in one place. We’ve got her 6 month doctor appointment coming up soon, so that’s exciting 🙂




    # of pictures taken this week: 146

    # of pictures taken in the last 6 months: 4,057 (not including those on our phones!)

    # of videos taken this week: 6

    # of videos taken in the last 6 months: 119