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  1. Nine weeks

    June 26, 2011 by brooke


    9 weeks

    Our first appointment!  We had lots of paperwork to fill out… boring!  Then we met one of the 3 midwifes at our office.  I think we might stick with the midwives – Sean was a little surprised that I wanted to do that and frankly so was I!   But, after thinking about it, there are 7 Dr.s and only 3 midwives- so we’ll get to know each midwife (and them us) better than we would the 7 Dr.s.   We will also get to have an anesthesia consult before delivering because of my scoliosis and herniated discs.  That way a professional can asses whether an epidural would be possible for me.  I would like to try to not have an epidural, but I’m definitely not against having one if I decide I want it!!  It seems so early to be thinking about these things, but it will be time soon enough.   Speaking of which, the midwife we saw on Thursday asked us about circumcision – I say yes and Sean was unsure and hadn’t even thought about it yet…. we’ll have to do some research before we decide for sure.

    We opted to have a 12 week ultrasound where they look for symptoms of Down’s Syndrome and other syndromes caused by chromosomal abnormalities.  We won’t be doing any kind of invasive tests because no matter what the results are it won’t change anything for us.  We’re having this baby.  Anyway, we didn’t get to have an ultrasound this time and we weren’t far along enough to hear the heartbeat with a doppler… so now we have to wait some more.  Good news though- we have a friend that does ultrasound for a pregnancy center and she is going to do one for us just 2 days before we go tell our families.  We are going to have a great picture to show everyone, I’m sure!  On to symptoms- ugh.   This nausea is not that much fun.  It hasn’t escalated yet, so that’s nice…. but still, yuck!  I can’t stress how weird it is to feel so yucky and know that I should just eat because then I will most likely feel better.  And the tiredness is coming along full force too.   I’m getting ready to work 3 10 hour days in a row and I’m so not looking forward to that.   Glad I have today to rest up.   Sean is as supportive as ever.  I don’t know what I would do without him!  One last thing. I’m considering buying a home doppler so we can hear the baby’s heartbeat whenever we want.  Not sure what I’m going to do… I know this would be the first thing I will buy in a long list of things that I don’t really need….

    Quote of the week: by Sean after going to Target

    “After walking by the baby department today, I realized our house is going to be filled with plastic soon” – hahaha!   He is very right!

    Our little one is now the size of a grape!