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  1. Week of Life #20: June 12 to June 18 – Happy 1st Father’s Day to My Baby Daddy!!

    June 19, 2012 by brooke


    20 Weeks old

    Haley is coming more and more into her little personality. She’s so much fun πŸ™‚ At the end of this week she has really started playing with her toys – throwing them around and putting them in her mouth. When she’s ‘helping’ me in the kitchen and sitting in her bumbo on the counter (don’t tell the bumbo people that I put her up there!), she tries with all her might to get to all the utensils around her and then push them off the counter! It’s pretty cute – for now! She is soo in love with Hogan too! That is super, super cute to watch! When he walks by her (because he still doesn’t have much interest in her!) she lights up and smiles and sometimes even laughs out loud. She looks around the room for him and smiles! Today we were helping her pet him and she was loving it! She was bouncing up and down and giggling πŸ™‚ She loves to look out the window in the car – she’s watching the world go by. Oh- and in the last couple of days, she has really been exploring with her tongue! She loves to stick it out (and it’s really long!) and she loves to touch it too! It’s so funny πŸ™‚ She is even sitting up by herself a little bit – she’s amazing! If we put her in a tripod position, she will sit like that for a little bit and play with a toy, or smile at Hogan, and then fall over. She doesn’t really ‘talk’ unless she’s getting tired. So, it’s pretty easy to know when she needs to go down for a nap! She starts talking and blowing raspberries!

    The beginning of the week was slow. We went for neighborhood walks early – it’s so darn hot out. We did get to finally Skype with our friends in Arizona! Haley and Julia are 13 days apart – I wish we lived closer to them! It will still be fun to watch them grow up together πŸ™‚ On Thursday I had a guy come out to inspect our new roof (from December) to see if we could get a discount on our insurance – I sure hope we get a big one!

    Saturday we ran a couple car errands and then Sean worked on his truck. We think he may have fixed the major problem he has with start up… only time will tell I guess! That evening we watched, ’21 Jump Street.’Β  We gave Haley rice cereal again today – it went really and she really enjoyed it! We were all sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch and she was in her high chair watching us. I decided it was time to try her again and she just kept opening her mouth up and wanting more! She still didn’t swallow it all, but it went much better – I think we should try to make it a daily thing πŸ™‚

    Sunday was Sean’s 1st Father’s Day! Haley woke us up nice and early at 6:30 because she just couldn’t wait to say. β€œHappy Father’s Day, Daddy!” She and I made pancakes for breakfast – and she did help me mix the batter! Then we went to the beach with our fun neighbors πŸ™‚ Sean set up the tent/canopy again – boy, am I glad we have that! We spent about 3 hours there and Haley was awake the whole time! That is the longest she has ever stayed awake! She was really good too. When we go to the beach, I make a hole in the sand and cover it with a towel and she sits in her hole and plays! She really likes it. We did go in the water, but we didn’t dunk her at all this time. I think she was happier that way! After that, we went to Tijuana Flats for lunch – dad’s ate free πŸ™‚ And then we came home, Sean had a nap and Haley and I started on dinner. We had (yum, yum!) Ginger-Teriyaki Sliders, homemade dill potato salad (first time making potato salad!), and a squash dish. Oh – everything was sooo good! And I’m not just saying that because I made it! After dinner we had a super secret surprise for Sean – an ice cream cake we had made. Uh – that was delicious too!! What a wonderful day! I think Sean had a great Father’s Day and I know we had a great weekend πŸ™‚

    Today we took Hogan to the Dr. in the morning for a rash. Now he’s on antibiotics which I have to shove down his throat because he’s too smart to eat them mixed inside treats. Hopefully it will help him get better. Then I had a Dr. appointment which Haley slept through, which was great.Β  I was seeing the Dr. that delivered Haley and when she came into the room she said, β€œSo, she’s about 5 months now?” I said, β€œyes.” And then she said, β€œSo, she’s probably starting trying to crawl then.” Uh… that would be a big no! She still will only do tummy time for about 5 minutes at a time! Oh- well. Our little slow girl πŸ™‚ I told the dr. not really, but she is kind of sitting up on her own. I’m already making excuses for her! I guess I’m a normal mom πŸ™‚Β  Then we went to Babies-R-Us and then came home for lunch with Sean. We played this afternoon and then after Sean came home he let me get some things down around the house that are a little difficult, if not impossible, with a baby. He is going to go to the airport tonight to pick up his parents and brother after their California trip. We can’t wait to hear how it was πŸ™‚

    We’re getting ready to cancel our cable – I’m a little scared! I admit it – I love my tv. I’m trying not to watch it too much with Haley (besides, I don’t have much time anyway), but I think I’m going to miss having it on in the background. We’ll see how this goes πŸ™‚ More next week…

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in my life! I want to especially say thanks to Sean (who’s the best dad to our little Haley!), my dad – who showed me what a great dad should be and helped me to know what to look for in a future baby daddy, my father-in-law – who helped shape Sean into the wonderful father that he is today, my uncles, my great God-Father, all my friends who are dads, and all those other terrific dads out there! Happy Father’s Day!


    Movie we watched:Β  ’21 Jump Street’ –Β  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I thought this movie was hilarious!Β  I loved it!

    Books I’ve read:Β  ‘Game of Thrones’ series – I have finished all 5 books that are available.Β  I really enjoyed them all.Β  It’s a little fantasy and a little medieval and just very good.Β  The 5th book ended with some pretty good cliffhangers, so now I’m waiting on the next book – not even sure when it’s coming out though!Β  I’m now reading 11/22/63 – it’s supposed to be about what the world would be like it JFK hadn’t been assassinated.Β  It’s written by Steven King, who I love, and so of course I am really enjoying it so far.


    # of pictures taken this week: 78

    # of videos taken this week: 8

    average # of bibs we use every day for drool: 6

    # of bottles we go through a day: 6-7