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  1. Week of Life #35 – September 25th to October 1st: FSU wins again!

    October 1, 2012 by brooke

    35 Weeks old

    Not much to say about the week days – seems like that is the case usually. Anyway, we had a big weekend. I worked on Friday (as did Sean, of course) and Auntie Dawn watched Haley. It was Haley’s first all day with someone other than us or her grandmothers. They both did great 🙂 And Haley had a lot of fun!

    Saturday we got up nice and early (thanks to our adorable little alarm clock) and packed up to head to our friends house for the FSU v USF football game. I dropped Haley & Sean off there and picked up Sean’s mom (GG) & we went to the ‘Just Between Friends’ consignment sale held at the Floida Fairgrounds. Oh – boy! Did I get some deals or what! I did really good – got lots of clothes, a few toys, and even a Christmas present for Haley. GG bought Haley some toys too – she is going to love them! After we were done there, we went back to the house and we all just relaxed by the lake and in front of the tv. We also celebrated GG’s birthday with some cupcakes and singing 🙂 We finally got down to business at 6 – watching FSU beat those Bulls! Not the best win, but it was still a W!

    Sunday we had a nice lunch with GG & Opa and Haley got some play time in with them as well. Then they left for home and we had some time to ourselves in the afternoon. The weekend went by pretty quickly, but it sure was fun!

    Haley pulled herself up to standing for the first time on Sunday! She also turned 8 months old on Sunday 🙂 She’s getting so big! She’s crawling everywhere and getting into everything! Her schedule is going really well and I think it’s helping to get her regulated. Her bedtime routine is going well also – I think it’s helping her to settle down easier so that’s nice. We’re working on the one night time feeding – it’s a slow process!

    I think that’s it for this week. More next week…


    # of pictures taken this week:  45

    # of videos taken this week:  2