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  1. Nesting?? And names…

    September 9, 2011 by brooke

    Probably not, but I’ve been doing a lot of house cleaning today!  Laundry, carpet cleaning, loofah cleaning (!), vacuuming, dishes… so much (at least for me in one day!).  And to think, I was actually supposed to be at work today and was joyously called off 🙂  Got some much needed work done.  Oh, I also measured our ‘guest’ bed to see how it would fit in our current office… it will fit (with some rearranging), but it will be tight.  We may be forgoing a guest bed from now on – only time (and our organization skills) will tell.

    Names- as in grandparent names (we still have pretty much no idea about baby names!)!  Sean’s dad knew right away what he wanted to be called (Opa, same as his dad), but the other three grands have been taking their time deciding.  And time they have – well, about 20 more weeks 🙂  I do think my mom has decided also, after a few trails of other names, she will be Gammy.  After her mom, who was Grammy, but with her own twist.  Sean’s mom is working on some different ideas and my dad is just not really sure.  He came up with something, but I’m not sure he’s convinced yet – so I told him he’s got some time left!  Whatever they all choose, I know it will be perfect because they will all be wonderful grandparents and that’s all we can ask for – no matter what they’re called!  (Hope I didn’t just ruin any surprises with the names!!  Sorry if I did!)

    Well, I work tomorrow (no chance of that changing!), but after, we get to watch another awesome FSU game 🙂  And then Sunday we have more registering adventures ahead – and then massages again.  I’ll update on all that in a few days 🙂  I got an invitation to a friend’s baby shower a couple days ago – she’s having a boy.  Looking forward to that – it should be fun 🙂

    Okay- better get back to my housework!  So much to get done and so little time (at least that’s what it always feels like!).  Happy Friday, Everyone!!

    Don’t know why I decided to post this picture.  But every time I see it, I want to take a picture of it.  I think it’s so strange how it looks like an angry God pointing his finger at the baby in the woman’s tummy…  just doesn’t seem to get it’s point across to me.  Anyway, here it is…


    Angry God billboard