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Week of Life #27: July 31st to August 6th – 6 Month Dr. visit

August 6, 2012 by brooke

27 Weeks Old

This week on Friday we went to the Dunedin splash park with our friends. The little ones are having more and more fun there when we go. It’s so much fun to see Haley growing – when we first went, she was scared and just clung to me the whole time. Now she will sit on her own and play in the little sprays of water a little bit. I was much more impressed by the people at the park this week too. The last time we were there, only one other parent was actually playing with his kid and this week most of the kids in the park had at least one parents there playing with them – it was fun to see 🙂

This week we decided to try and skype weekly with our parents (Haley’s grandparents). So far it’s working out great. I’m sure there will be weeks that one or both parties can’t do it, but I think it’s great for Haley to get to see her grandparents at least once a week.

In Haley news, this week she started picking up two different toys at once – one in each hand. She also transfer toys from one hand to the other. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Big deal, I do that all the time.” But for a baby that’s a developmental milestone and it means she’s right on track 🙂 She’s still getting up once a night, but I don’t really mind. I relish the snuggle time with her since I know she won’t be wanting to snuggle that much anymore once she gets mobile. In the last 3-4 weeks she has also become a pretty good napper. She’s gone from 30 minutes at a time to about 1-2 hours. It’s great! She’s happier when she wakes up and mommy is happy that some of the housework gets done!

Haley had her 6 month well baby visit today. It went just fine. The doctor said that her sitting skills are at a 9 month olds level 🙂 I’m so proud! She’s definitely on track developmentally. The doctor said she’s growing fine and answered some questions we had regarding eating and bottles. She said that her head should start rounding out now that she doesn’t spend most of the day on her back – so that’s good news!  She got 3 shots – she cried when she got them and then immediately stopped once I picked her up. They had just got a shipment of the new flu shot in, so we decided to go ahead with that now. She had to go back in a month for another one. Then, not back to see the doctor until 9 months.

More next week…

Haley’s weight:  16 lbs.  11 oz.  ( 64th percentile)

Haley’s length:  27 1/4 in.  (93rd percentile)

Haley’s head circumference:  42 cm  (38th percentile)

# of pictures taken this week: 42

# of videos taken this week: 7


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