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Six weeks & 2 days

June 7, 2011 by brooke

6 weeks + 2 days

We had our ‘pregnancy verification’ appointment at the doctor today – and yes, we are pregnant!!  Oh, I was so nervous.  The last few days I had worked myself up so much and was convinced that this was an ectopic pregnancy.  It’s not!   Sean came with me to the appointment which was wonderful.  I knew that if it was good news, he would want to be there and experience it with me.  And if it was bad news, I would want him there to support me.   I first had an exam by the ARNP.   Then we waited for the ultrasound lady… and while we were waiting we heard ‘our’ song (“The Way I Am”) from our wedding.  That was when I knew everything would be okay!  Finally we went into the ultrasound room and the woman was nice but a little upset that the front office staff had scheduled me to have an ultrasound at 6+ weeks… she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to see much, and especially the heart beat.  But… we saw the heart beating and we were able to hear it too!!   It was 116 beats per minute – just fine for 6 weeks. She also told us that I am measuring perfect for 6 weeks – Baby Tedio is 0.33 centimeters long.   We have our next, and technically 1st, OB appointment in 2 weeks.  We will get another ultrasound at 12 weeks.   As we walked out of the office, we both had a sigh of relief!  What a great 2nd anniversary gift!  Unfortunately, I have been feeling a little nauseous the last couple of days.  But I welcome any and all pregnancy symptoms- it will all be worth it.

Our little one is now the size of a lentil.


6 week + 1 day ultrasound

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